maximum thomsenone of the eight accused for the crime of Fernando Báez Sosa, beaten to death at the door of a nightclub in Villa Gesell on January 18, 2020, He requested this Monday to hold an interview with a psychologist, for which he was assisted in the Dolores prison, two days after the start of the trial arguments.

The rugby player, who for the accusers is one of the main perpetrators of Fernando’s crime, This morning he requested an interview with a professional psychologist from Penal Unit 6 of Dolores of the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service (SPB), where he is staying together with the rest of the other seven defendants in the trial being carried out by the Oral Criminal Court 1 of that district.

According to the sources, Thomsen, who is housed in cell 8 of Pavilion 1, received a visit from a prison psychologist this morning.

The conversation between the patient and the professional was “good” and Thomsen’s demand was due to anxiety issues, according to what they told Télam close to the inmates.

SPB spokesmen pointed out that the prison unit has professionals permanently available for when the inmates require it, who undergo medical and psychological follow-up.

Thomsen was also periodically assisted by a professional in the Melchor Romero Penal Unit, where he was housed in pretrial detention until January 1, when he was transferred with the rest of the defendants to Dolores to attend the debate hearings.

Regarding the health of the eight detainees, the spokespersons said that they are undergoing medical and psychological follow-up with SPB professionals.

Last November, Thomsen was transferred to a private clinic to undergo surgery for an inguinal hernia.

“A year and a half ago I had intestinal pain. Finally it was learned that I had a hernia,” said a relative, who He said that it is that rugby player who “psychologically contains” other detainees.

Thomsen is not the only one of the rugbiers who requested psychological assistance during the time they have been detained, since, according to those close to them, It was also requested by another of the defendants after an incident occurred between the same defendants during the time that the Covid-19 pandemic lasted.

Meanwhile, as is customary every afternoon, the eight defendants will have two hours of recreation available in the courtyard of the unit, while they will await the visit of their parents in jail on Wednesday.

Last week the visit was suspended since it coincided with the date of the third anniversary of Fernando’s crime and the relatives estimated that a mobilization to the prison could take place, as confirmed to Télam by a close friend of the accused.

Thomsen’s request for psychological support was made in the same week that the arguments will begin by the trial prosecutors and the lawyers for the individual victim, and by the defense of the eight defendants.

Judicial sources confirmed to Télam that next Wednesday, starting at 9 o’clock, at the headquarters of the Oral Criminal Court (TOC) 1 in Dolores, the allegations will begin with the presentation of the trial prosecutors, Juan Manuel Dávila and Gustavo García.

During the same day, the lawyers Fernando Burlando, Fabián Améndola and Facundo Améndola, representatives of the parents of Báez Sosa, Silvino Báez and Graciela Sosa, will also present their foundations.

Both the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the lawyers for the individual victim announced that they will continue with the accusation with which the case was brought to trial and in which the eight defendants are considered responsible for the crime of “aggravated homicide due to treachery and the premeditated cooperation of two or more people”which provides for a life sentence, and “injuries”, in relation to the attack suffered by friends of Fernando.

For its part, on Thursday it will be the turn of the technical defense, in charge of the lawyer Hugo Tomei, representative of the defendants Thomsen, Enzo Comelli (22), Matías Benicelli (23), Blas Cinalli (21), Ayrton Viollaz (23) , and Luciano (21), Ciro (22) and Lucas Pertossi (23).

Tomei’s strategy outlined during the oral debate was based on demonstrating that the crime of the young law student was in the context of a “homicide in fight or assault”which according to article 95 of the Criminal Code provides for a sentence of between 2 to 6 years.

Meanwhile, the eight defendants are expected to use their right to the last words in front of judges María Claudia Castro, Christian Rabaia and Emiliano Lazzari.

Once the arguments and the last words of the defendants are finalized, the TOC 1 judges will announce the date of the sentence, which is expected to be January 30 or 31.

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