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clutter core:
With this interior trend, you’ll never have to clean up again

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Do you often feel bad because your room is so messy? Maybe that’s your own personal superpower. We’ll tell you how to use them in the cluttercore trend.

“More is more” – this is the motto of the maximalist furnishing style Cluttercore. Old favorites and collectibles finally get their well-deserved place and ensure controlled chaos that doesn’t overwhelm us. According to social media platform Pinterest, the search for full and cozy room interiors has increased by 300 percent in the last month. We’ll explain why the charm of cluttercore should perhaps move in with you too.

Cluttercore – this is how you bring the trend to you

While most interior trends advise us to declutter, arrange a few things and not get too wild with decoration or color choices, Cluttercore is the exact opposite. For all those who have a heart for emotionally charged objects and have a hard time breaking up, this can be just the thing. Here are some examples of the unusual furnishing style.

Full reading corners

Book lovers usually like to be surrounded by masses of books. The smell of the old volumes and the paper, the different colors, sizes… it has a calming effect on her rather than overloading her. Do you also find yourself in this description? How about a new reading corner? Add a few plants and you’re already surrounded by your cozy forest of books, from which you don’t want to get up again.

The desk as a creative oasis

It doesn’t always have to look neat. Why not take full advantage of the wall? Especially if you don’t have a window that regularly gives you new impressions. Because with an organized desk without much around it, the eye usually finds the mobile phone instead of photos or other objects. But if you create a colorful and pleasant mess behind your desk, you always have something to look at there and often give your eyes and brain a non-digital break. If you don’t have a wall in front of you, you can get a pretty room divider and decorate it as you like.

Controlled chaos in the living room

Have you bought an incredible number of beautiful pictures over the years, but no frames? Then now is the time to get them. Finally, with Cluttercore, you can use any free space you see. For photos, souvenirs or paintings, for example. A colorful mix of cushions also looks good in your four walls and makes the sofa even more seductive.

Plants are particularly popular as “clutter” – in English, jumbled up or junk. The more, the better shows the following arrangement. And over time you have more and more offshoots to decorate with. The material mix, which leaves a cozy and cheerful impression here, is also easy to see.

Make the kitchen open

Pretty cups and plates are often hidden behind cupboard doors, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Maybe you have some favorites that you want to put on hooks on the wall. Because as sad as it is, the beautiful crockery in particular rarely comes to light. You can hang some rustic cups decoratively by their handles and plates can also look wonderful on the wall.

Or maybe you have high quality pans and cooking utensils that could liven up the space? This can also be a lively option.

Cluttercore or minimalism?

The cluttercore trend is not a win for everyone. Some of us prefer things to look tidy – or we don’t want to leave things collecting dust (or don’t feel like the cleaning that comes with it). Others either don’t mind a bit of dust or the joy of the sight outweighs the time we spend dusting. Maybe a good mix is ​​just right for you. One room organized – or personalized for you by other living trends, another full of cluttercore look. You can decide that individually for yourself. But maybe you also have to look for the right trend for you – or take it easy with positive vibes.


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