Aznar encourages Feijóo to seek a government alone without the "fanatic contagion" by Vox

Jose Maria Aznar believes that Alberto Núñez Feijóo he will be able to aspire to govern the country alone after the next general elections. He not only sees it as possible, but encourages his successor to explore all the ways to achieve it. In his latest analysis, sent by the Faes Foundation, he calls on the PP to “completely occupy the land that corresponds to it” and to avoid “any fanatical contagion.”

The former Prime Minister celebrates the sixty measures announced yesterday in Cádiz by the popular leader, especially those dedicated to safeguarding the institutions from “partisan and sectarian use.”

In Aznar’s eyes, “Sánchez is incapable of distinguishing State and Government”: “There are hardly any parcels left unscathed by his voracity of power. The national interest and the health of the Rule of Law have been the main victims of a way of understanding the government that perceives constitutional limits as annoying obstacles”.

To begin with, Aznar reviews the actions of Sanchez that have pushed him to write the analysis. He speaks of the “routine abuse of the decree-law”, of the “attempt to colonize the institutions” (General Prosecutor’s Office, CGPJ, CIS), of the “unconstitutionality” of the States of Alarm…

Right after, he adds: “We had only seen the beginning: then came the repeal of the sedition at the request of the seditious; the reform of embezzlement tailored to the corrupt (…) All of them overwhelming evidence of charge. There are no limits to institutional deterioration.”

It is not trivial that the word “limits” is one of the most used by Aznar every time he prosecutes the presidency of Pedro Sánchez. He purports to describe him as a president who continually skirts the Constitution.

Later, reflecting his part of the situation, Aznar looks at his party, the PP. It is then that he calls on him to exercise the “opposition” counting “exclusively on himself.” “The Government assimilates the PP to a cabila factious (…) This propaganda looks for muffled ‘coup plotters’ on every corner (…) All the more reason for the main opposition party to defend its rights. All his right, without being intimidated, completely occupying the ground that corresponds to him. But only his right: keeping well from any fanatical contagion and saving himself from reacting to each provocation”.

In that paragraph is Aznar’s recipe for the PP to return to La Moncloa. And, from what has been seen so far, it seems that Feijóo is in full harmony. In fact, Aznar has run to bless his sixty measures for “the first hundred days of government.”

A lover of History, and of the parallels that can be drawn with it, Aznar admits he is captivated by the choice of Saint Philip Neri Oratory, from Cádiz, as a place of cars. “In the cradle of our historical constitutionalism, the PP has wanted to give a national and liberal dimension to its proposal,” says Aznar.

“Recovering the crime of sedition and nullifying recent reforms in embezzlement, as well as resuming the criminalization of the illegal call for referendums will provide the State with the adequate criminal repertoire to protect vital interests from announced threats,” he argues.

To finish, Aznar criticizes that “the left has wanted to reduce all the content of the plan” to the proposal for the list with the most votes to govern: “They continue to choke on reforming a rule of the game if it is not in the middle of the party and in their favor; and they too often forget that the non-retroactivity of laws is the general rule”. The latter is pointed out in relation to the law of only yes is yes.

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