Every person likes to do the coffee in a different way, and for this the different coffee makers that are available in the market offer options for the consumer to achieve that flavor that they like so much in their creations.

However, coffee machines have a specific operation and the essential elements and ingredients must be used to achieve that good coffee result, while maintaining well-kept technology.

And as the OCU warns, in recent days a viral trend has been appearing on social networks where the user is invited to put milk instead of water in the coffee pots to obtain a premium latte.

Well, the organization points out that this experiment carries some risks both for health and for the coffee maker, since it could even be completely spoiled.

This warning from the consumer organization focuses on the coffee maker Italian, one of the most popular in Spanish homes, explain our colleagues from Business Insider.

Problems of using milk instead of water in the coffee maker

The OCU comments that this model is designed to prepare the coffee that it infuses with pressurized water at more than 100 °C between 15 and 25 seconds.

They clarify that milk contains cream and minerals and that it does not respond like water to these high temperatures.

Bubbles could end up forming, and the bubbles would overflow when boiling and could clog the outlet pipe, creating overpressure. In fact, the safety valve could clog and the machine not work correctly.

In addition to a technical problem, this experiment of putting milk would also affect our health, since the fat could be burned, leaving a bitter taste that will affect the flavor and texture of a coffee that could end up feeling bad.

Given this small accident in the machine, it would also be very difficult to clean it and, in certain cases, it could even be damaged.

Source: computerhoy.com

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