Bethesda bets again on procedural technology to populate the Starfield space with places to visit.

Starfield, the new open world RPG from the creators of The ElderScrolls and Fallout will arrive, if nothing happens, next year on Xbox Series X and PC, and little by little we are learning more details about its playable proposal. all the missions in the game will not be handcrafted by the Bethesda team, it will also feature procedurally generated missions.

Unlike the studio’s previous games, it is an open world game with a space setting where we can visit hundreds of planets, and many had doubts about how these planets were going to be filled with playable content. Well, this procedural generation of missions could be one of the solutions.

Starfield will include procedurally generated missions

Starfield is one of the most anticipated games of 2023

A whole galaxy to visit

The truth is that this procedural generation is not new for Bethesda, the already veteran Skyrim had the calls Radiant Quests, a procedurally generated mission system with random objectives and rewards in unvisited areas so that the player could discover the whole game. Starfield recovers this technology and expands it with new functions, such as the possibility of create bandit camps and allied settlements on the flyas Will Shen, lead quest designer, explains in a new dev diary for the game.

The true potential of Bethesda’s new Radiant system remains to be seen, but, Shen explains, it’s a way to customize each player’s experience no matter where they decide to explore, as it tries to enrich the manual labor of the design team that has created particular characters and stories throughout the Starfield universe. Being a Bethesda game, we can expect a huge narrative load with a multitude of characters and missions.

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For now there is no specific release date for Starfield, but it is scheduled to arrive at some time to be confirmed in 2023 after its delay a few months ago. It was expected that it could be ready by November 11, the Skyrim 11th Anniversary, but finally we will have to wait a few more months. The first and only time that it has been shown in motion was during the past E3 2022.

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