Against all reason
7 reasons for a nestling

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Finally you got her out of the worst, you can sleep until 9 am on Saturdays, travel alone or exchange three sentences with friends without being interrupted. Splendid! Why should you still start all over again with a latecomer? Read it yourself!

by Marie Stadler

1. Children like to be useful

It is good for children to be needed. When such a small person completely shakes up the family order, the older siblings quickly realize how grateful mum and dad can be for the smallest help. For example, when dad desperately holds the baby’s feet in one hand and an empty packet of wipes in the other… Yes, big little helpers are a blessing! And grateful parents too.

2. Much more conscious this time

With the sure knowledge that you are really experiencing all this for the last time, you perceive everything much more consciously. The little kicks in the stomach, the first magical hours together, this little hand that clings so tightly to your finger… SCHMACHT! With a latecomer there is all that again. And in slow motion.

3. Sooo calm

While all other parents desperately read “Oh my, I’m growing” and try to believe in the phase theory, latecomer parents have long since become completely detached. They know: everything will pass. And that’s not always bad news.

4. Old? who is old here

Having another child also rejuvenates one’s own environment. Suddenly you call people your friends whose babysitters you could have been two decades ago. This broadens the horizon, keeps the brain young and crisp and makes you more tolerant. Oh yes, even children of the 90s are now real adults! Crazy!

5. The little big ones learn from the big big ones

It is clear that the little siblings learn a lot of great things and a lot of nonsense from the older ones. But older siblings can also experience what being parents really means. They learn diaper changing, are comforters and co-educators (whether you want it or not). That makes you self-confident and, by the way, also very popular with girls. Or is there anything more touching than a big brother wearing braces with a baby in his arms?

6. Hormones are going crazy on you at the same time

Well, that can certainly also be on the contra list, but if you and your latecomer meet menopause at some point in puberty, then it’s almost a bond again, isn’t it? Maybe then we can understand each other better? Mhhh… quickly to point 7, it’s more convincing…

7.Certainly complete

Is it just the feeling that not everyone is there yet? With this longing for that one child that you simply haven’t picked up yet, living is even worse than with little sleep. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned in life, it’s that it’s more likely to regret not doing something than having done something. Especially not when this something smells so wonderful, sighs so sweetly in your sleep and has such a firm place in your heart. And that even before it even exists.


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