Find out what kind of witch you are with the new official test of The Witcher.

Throughout the incredible story of Geralt of Rivia, players have had the opportunity to meet other types of warlocks who belong to different academies. Yes ok the protagonist is part of the Wolf School located in Kaer Morhen of the kingdom of Kaedwen, there are four other headquarters that are represented by other animals and are located in other parts of the world.

The interesting thing about this is that despite the fact that all witches have the same objective, as they belong to different schools, the attitude and way of working with contracts It can vary, and even the type of combat they usually use. If you want to know a little more about witches and have tried to see which one would be the most ideal for you, then we leave you with an official test of the franchise that you cannot miss.

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The Witcher: how to know what kind of witch school you belong to

This test tells you which school of The Witcher you belong to

A Witcher quiz tells you which school you belong to

On the official page of The Witcher they have shared a new test that lets you know which witch school do you fit in best depending on the decisions you make. Practically, they ask ten questions in total that have several selectable answers and you only have to choose one in each situation that arises.

If you have previously played one of The Witcher video games, you will surely fill out this questionnaire in a very short time, especially since the test is responsible for placing you in circumstances that would easily happen in the missions of Geralt de Rivia.

Considering the answers you choose, the characteristics of your personality and abilities are analyzed to determine if you belong to any of the following witch schools:

  • Bear School: headquarters at Haern Caduch in the Amell Mountains.
  • Wolf School: headquarters in Kaer Morhen of the kingdom of Kaedwen.
  • Cat School: Headquarters at Caravan Dyn Marv.
  • Viper School: headquarters in Gorthur Gvaed of Tir Tochair.
  • Griffon School: headquarters in Kovir and Poviss of Kaer Seren.
  • Manticore School: headquarters in the far east.

In this way, you will be prepared for the new story that will be presented in the next saga of The Witcher, and thus know what is the style that benefits you the most when carrying weapons and using signals.

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