If the Argentine judicial system is willing to consolidate the maneuver of lawfare against Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, the people in the streets will express their defense. “Because if they go against Cristina they go against our rights,” says Daniel “el Tano” Catalano, General Secretary of ATE Capital, when speaking out for an active strike for state workers, while awaiting the verdict that the federal justice will hand down, in relation to the CFK’s responsibility along with the other defendants in the trial over the Santa Cruz public works, known as “Vialidad”.

That logic of “state of alert and mobilization” defines, from various spaces that make up the Frente de Todos, the actions planned for today. And they are summed up in a vigil in front of the Comodoro Py courts, starting at 9 in the morning -when the hearing opens–, an active strike by state workers also from that time, and, in principle, a call for 4:00 p.m. . While the Buenos Aires PJ – under the command of Máximo Kirchner – and the Kirchnerism in the column after the definition of action established by La Cámpora, decided to wait for the sentence to make their participation explicit.

These options are woven on the eve of the imminent sentence that the federal justice will make public during the day, in the midst of a rigged and flawed process with evidence disqualified by the defense and pornographically evident links between the prosecutors and magistrates involved, and the political right. local, personalized in Mauricio Macri, with soccer matches with judges and “friendly” prosecutors included.

the previous

The frame of the lawfare that defines the judicial process against CFK, and its scandalous anomalies motivated other reactions such as that of the Great Patria Front, which opted to present a unique staging this Monday. With the presence of Juan Grabois and other of his referents such as the deputies Itai Hagman, Federico Fagioli and Natalia Zaracho, a “soccer parody” was carried out to denounce the corruption of the judiciary, in complicity with the leadership of the PRO and the economic power.

The activity showed the confrontation of two soccer teams: The mufa (PRO officials) supported by “the Liverpool bar” that had “bought the referee” (the judiciary). On the other side: Argentina, with Cristina wearing the captain’s armband. And of course, when “justice” was about to be “stolen” by “Los mufa”, the “Argentine fans” got on the field and defined the end of the game. The playful metaphor thus expressed the need to “be alert” to go out “to defend Cristina.”

Thus, in the previous one, the warning signs were woven before the imminence of the sentence that in this case could materialize in a sentence by the judges that make up the TOF 2: Jorge Gorini, Rodrigo Giménez Uriburu and Andrés Basso. Faced with this possibility, which many take for granted -including CFK, who confirmed it by describing: “This court is a firing squad”–, the state of alert remains in the leadership of the Frente de Todos, in the social forces that accompany him and in trade union representations.

Meanwhile, social movements such as El Evita, with great mobilizing power, and to a lesser extent the Classist and Combative Current and Somos Barrios de Pie, await the judicial pronouncement to define their presence in the streets “in defense of Cristina”. It is that, beyond this judgment, the tension of the social organizations is projected today on the discussion for the permanence or the cancellation of the Potenciar Trabajo, which until yesterday had not yet been charged at the country level, for the November assignment.

facing the sentence

The sentence could bring together not only groups of moral weight such as the Priests in Option for the Poor, who called for the vigil, together with sectors of active militancy such as Luis D’Elía’s FTV-Miles; the Sovereign group; or the Resisting with Endurance space. The latent calls could also be activated among the unionism grouped in ATE after the figure of Catalano, or the Secretary General of the CTA and national deputy Hugo Yasky. Meanwhile, the call for 4:00 p.m. is already proposed, by the health doctor and Peronist leader Jorge Rachid and the magistrate Juan Ramos Padilla, in front of the Federal Retirement Courts.

The Union of Road and Related Workers (STVyARA), headed by Graciela Aleñá, will also march towards the Retirement courts in repudiation of what he considered as a “political persecution” against the vice president. “A sector of the justice system, which responds to Macrismo and the major media, filed a case without evidence and hopes to convict Cristina Fernández de Kirchner,” Aleñá said in a statement. And he indicated that the workers of the union will mobilize to Comodoro Py “together with different union, social and political organizations”, pending the reading of the ruling. “Throughout the trial, Cristina was dismantling each accusation and demonstrating that they were all false, as stated in the list of the ’20 lies of the Road Cause’ that the former president published on her social networks,” Aleñá highlighted about a criminal proceeding. which he cataloged as an “attempt to proscribe” and an “subjugation of Peronism.”

The sentence will be announced under the modality of a blended process, the same as this trial had in its last sections. While the sectors that feel represented by the vice president, see in the decision to go out, not just a show of support for Cristina. Also the only possibility of expressing her genuine defense, before the powerful machinery of the lawfare.

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