After the Cabinet meeting at Casa Rosada, the ministers again rejected the judicial persecution of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. “The vice president made her defense in a very forceful way and I will tell you again what I said publicly: I believe in the innocence of the vice president and we hope that Justice will speak now,” said the chief of ministers, Juan Manzur at a press conference at refer to the cause of the road. “As the Chief of Staff said very well, we reaffirm and are convinced of the interference of the Cambiemos government in the Judiciary made to generate impunity for very serious economic crimes that compromised future generations of Argentines,” added Interior Minister Eduardo “Wado” by Peter.

“We have been saying that the persecution of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has nothing to do with with crimes of the penal code but it is a persecution that has to do with the electoral code “affirmed De Pedro and added: “They are persecuting the leader with the greatest political volume in Argentina, a person twice President and current vice president for the things she did well.” In the same vein, he stated that “There are sectors of power in Argentina that do not accept that a political leader responds to the popular willr” and that “act and define with common sense and in favor of a popular and inclusive democratic system”.

The Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Martín Soria, described the trial of the so-called Viality case as “clowny”. “From Comodoro Py they are going to try to do the same thing that the Military Party tried. They seek the proscription of Peronism, in this case of a leader of the stature of our vice president. What they cannot do at the polls they will try with the rulings written with the covers of Clarín and La Nación”, expressed the statements to radio AM 750.

“We are not in front of a court of the Constitution because they are a band of friends. One played soccer with the president of the court, I mean the prosecutor Diego Luciani and (Rodrigo Giménez) Uriburu who shared the Liverpool team where (former president Mauricio ) Macri showed the videos of the goals with the goalkeeper who was the chambermaid (Mariano) Llorens”, recalled Soria and criticized: “When they should have excused themselves because their impartiality was affected, they did not” and when they were challenged, “they did not accept it” .

The minister maintained that Justice “is not partisan from the macrismo” but that it is something that “comes from much earlier”, but that when the now ex-president assumed the Presidency “they began to meet secretly in Olivos and in La Rosada”. After affirming that “the evidence in the trial was distorted”, Soria maintained that “on December 6 the first sentence written by Clarín and La Nación can be given against a vice president elected by the vote of all Argentines”, something that he considered “enormous gravity”

The deputy of the FdT Eduardo Valdés affirmed that the Federal Oral Court 2 “already has written the sentence”. “It strikes me how quickly the Court is going to issue a sentence when the defendants are still expressing their defense possibilities. It means that they already have the sentence written and they are not moved by anything they are stating in the arguments. It is a test of the pitch inclined”, affirmed the legislator in declarations to the radio Futurock.

“There is no doubt about what Cristina means within Argentina. Within the international reality, she transcends borders. There is a reason why the judicial party and the one from the red circle want to remove her from the field,” the deputy remarked. In addition, he described prosecutors Diego Luciani and Sergio Mola as “arrogant” and said that they “invent facts that are not in the files.” “It is shown in the middle of the process that they play soccer every Saturday at the house of former President Macri. The president of the Court (Rodrigo Giménez Uriburu) laughs at us, showing himself with a mate with the Liverpool stamp, the soccer team they make up,” He warned about the political relations of prosecutors and magistrates who are in charge of the trial.

the oppo

The head of the Buenos Aires Government and presidential candidate of the macrismo in Juntos por el Cambio, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, was one of the leaders of the opposition alliance that spoke publicly about the trial for public works in Santa Cruz and the last words of the vice president before the court after an official act in the Palermo neighborhood. “Here there is a court that has to judge independently, we must not interfere, it is not the Argentina that we want, the Argentina of grievance, of wanting to condition justice,” he asserted and attacked: “To say that a court of democracy is a firing squad is a shame. It is yet another attack by the vice president on Justice.” And then it was dispatched against ATE: “Justice has to act independently and nothing can condition it, neither the words of the vice president nor the threat from this union or any other,” he said in relation to the warning from the union that he called to a cessation of activities for next Tuesday the 6th if the Court condemns it.

Martín Lousteau also came out quickly to criticize from his networks: “For Cristina, if they rule in her favor, everything is fine. If they rule against, they are ‘a firing squad.’ Our Constitution establishes equality before the law for all citizens. Respect her once and for all.”

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