At 52 years old, the Asturian is not only fitter than ever, but he is not even as dry as when he did long-distance triathlon and you have gained volume in your muscle mass

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Luis Enrique it is ‘stronger than vinegar’. The national selectoras we could verify in the photo that he published in his account of instagram in the run-up to Spain’s debut (with a historic win) against Costa Rica in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, he is “so fine” that even could jump onto the field as if he were another player.

At 52, the Asturian is not only fitter than ever, but even you have gained volume in your muscle massa fact that becomes especially important from a ‘certain age’ (a good musculature, in addition to its protective mission of bones and viscera, is guarantor of metabolic function and, therefore, key to not gain kilos over the years).

Stronger and less ‘dry’ than when I came down from three hours in the Florence Marathon, in 2007- or, accompanied by his great friend Pepe Navarro, CEO of Speedinc, and Josef Ajram, I blew it up at the Ironman in Frankfurtby completing the 3.86 kilometers of swimming, 180 on the bike and the 42 of running in spectacular time: 10 hours and 19 minutes. For that appointment with the queen distance of the triathlon, Luis Enrique He prepared himself as only he knows how: doing things the way they should be done and with all the intensity of which he is capable. That is to say, putting in hours and improving his swimming technique until he caressed the level of a professional.

They were not his only sports machadas in the past. In addition to drop below 40 minutes in the 10ka feat within the reach of the most ‘machacas’, the Spanish coach also participated, at the end of the 2000s, in the Marathon des Sablesone of the toughest stages on foot in the world.

More ‘calm’ but just as perfectionist (and intense) in his physical preparation, Luis Enrique keeps hitting the bike (although with more “tranquility” and without hitting the beatings of yesteryear) but barely run due to his knee problems. You only have to see him to realize that he is messing with the strength sessions in the gym and that he takes maximum care of his diet, practicing intermittent fasting and prioritizing the consumption of those proteins that are so good for muscle mass, as he confessed in the ‘stream’ of Twitch in the preview of Spain-Costa Rica. “I had six eggs for dinner, three boiled and three fried. Also, green beans, carrots and sweet potatoes. And I ended up with a yogurt. Not too much, because I don’t burn much either.” Will have to take note…

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