The educational communities of three Buenos Aires technical training institutes denounced that the Ministry of Education of the City of Buenos Aires closed five races for the 2023 school year. The authorities of the institutes found out about the cut only one business day before the registration for the races opened and the students assured this newspaper that the decision was “without consultation, arbitrary and authoritarian“. The Technician in Pedagogy and Social Education, one of the careers affected, is the the only one of its kind with a human rights orientation from the city. Teachers and students held a traffic light on Wednesday and announced that will file an action for protection to avoid the closing of the races.

“On October 28, one business day before 2023 registrations open, They told us that two of the three institute races are no longer going to be in the educational offer”, he told Page 12 Alexandra Mazzei, student of Pedagogy and Social Education with a focus on Human Rights. That and the Technique in Management of Cultural Policies These are the two races that no longer appear in the registration of the IFTS No. 28 of the Almagro neighborhood, which by 2023 You will only have the offer of the Technician in Safety and Hygiene.

The notification with which the Ministry notified that institute of the closure of the races indicates that at the time of making the decision “the prevailing conjunctural context has been considered” to prioritize “that offer with greater requirement of the socio-productive sector“. “The note is signed by the Directorate of Lifelong Learning Management and argue that the offer of this career does not meet current demandsbut we don’t know what those demands are because nobody gave us an explanation,” Mazzei said in this regard, indicating that the races They do not appear in the Siu Guaraní since the opening of registration November 1st.

“The closure of these careers not only violates the educational community but the community in general. The tasks that we carry out in our career have to do with guarantee rights to vulnerable sectors“, warned Mazzei about the importance of his career, the only one of its kind focused on human rights. “We intervene at all educational levels, in guidance teams, in addiction prevention and rehabilitation workshops, memory sites, school reconnection or in community centers. We work with vulnerable groups to enforce inclusion policies and that’s what bothers themdoes not go with the logic that they have for education,” he added.

Page 12 consulted with sources from the Ministry to find out the reasons for the closure of the careers of that institute and ratified that the decision seeks to “promote continuous and quality training always aligned to the socioeconomic development of the City“. “The objective is improve employability conditions and promote economic development,” they added. The other two institutes that denounce career closures are number 12, in the Monserrat neighborhood, and number 8, located in front of Plaza Congreso.

In the first one, the registration for the Technique in Ceremonial and Protocolwhile in number 8 the careers affected are that of Administration and Labor Relations and Commercial Administration. Regarding this last institute, from the Ministry they assured that the decision to discontinue the careers is due to the termination of the contract with the Trade Unionas “the offer was adequate to the demands of said union“. This Wednesday afternoon the educational communities of the institutes they made a traffic light at the intersection of Avenida Rivadavia and Mario Bravo, a few blocks from the IFTS 28 headquarters, and told this newspaper that prepare an amparo action to try to avoid the closure of the races.

Decisions were made arbitrarily, authoritatively and without consultation and for us it has to do with a emptying of tertiary institutes and technical training that has been coming for several years. In 2018 they had an attempt to close tertiary schools and they could not do it, but now they advance closing races“, assured Mazzei. There are other institutes in which “they did not eliminate careers but they did They want to lower their hourly load or join them with other institutes“, he added.

Between the two IFTS 28 technical courses that no longer appear in the registration there are 50 teachers, of whom 19 work in the first year of the careers so they could lose their jobs as of 2023.

Source: Pagina12

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