We tell you everything you need to know about the ComputerHoy Podcast, the weekly space in which we talk about entertainment and technology in a relaxed way, but without neglecting objectivity and rigor. Find out who we do and how you can listen to us.

If you follow us, you already know that at ComputerHoy we do a lot of things. Every day we try to tell you the technological news rigorously, but also in a way that everyone can understand, we talk about entertainment, video games, things for the home and scientific curiosities.

Our forte is technology, of course, and that is why it is our main content along with the analyzes that we bring you every week, and since what we want is to entertain and teach, some time ago we made the leap to podcasts.

And it is that, It is a format that we love. It is something that we have been working on for several years and the truth is that it is a space in which we can talk about what we like the most, in an environment in which all of us who participate have known each other for years and where there is trust.

I think that’s something we managed to convey in every chapter. But hey, let’s get down to business, because what we are going to talk about here is the fundamentals of the ComputerHoy podcast: what topics we cover, who we are and when you can listen to it.

What do we do in the ComputerHoy podcast?

The first 15 minutes of the podcast, more or less, we approach them as a gathering between friends to warm up. Instead of talking about our personal things, we decided to “warm up” by talking about movies, series, books and video games, which is what we like the most.

Every week we tell what we are testing and the latest news from the world of technology, and whether we like it or not, but we also catch up with the most important film and series releases of the week. Here is our colleague Ekaitz Ortega -responsible for the Entertainment area at HobbyConsolas- who brings us up to date.

But hey, in the end, Computerhoy.com is basically a technology website.. We carry out some of the most in-depth analysis in the industry, we objectively treat the sections that can be approached in this way and we also try to provide context when we speak from the subjective point of view.

The podcast, however, is a space in which we can “let go” of something else and every week we choose very carefully which products to talk about. Y, After a few more playful first minutes, we fully immerse ourselves in telling you about our experiences during the analysis of the latest devices on the market..

There are weeks when we publish a lot of tests, but we always choose the ones that we think may be the most interesting. Either because they have a section that stands out, because they can cause a debate, because they are original or simply because we have loved them and we think they might be interesting for you.

Rubén Andrés -Technology Editor at ComputerHoy- and Alejandro Alcolea -Laboratory Manager at ComputerHoy- are in charge of running this section, but from time to time our colleagues Chema Carvajal, Jesús Maturana or Ilan Cherre sign up to talk about the device that they have been analyzing for the last few days.

When can you listen to the ComputerHoy Podcast?

The podcast has gone through several phases. The first was done quite radiophonically: various parts of the podcast were recorded, which were later joined together and published as one episode. For the second we switched to the live format, but with the aim of having a higher quality product, we went back to recording.

Currently, it is a “pull” recording, without cuts, in which the participants get together at the same time, we start talking and, when finished, we put in a small editing process to add sounds, background music and the separation between the different phases of the podcast. And, once ready, we can make it available to our audience.


Currently, we publish the podcast every Saturday at 9 in the morning (Spanish peninsular time). Why did we choose this day and this hour? Well, because the podcast is usually linked to the devices whose analysis will appear on the web that weekend and, thus, if you wake up, make yourself a coffee and read the texts, you have a format in which we tell you the same thing, but in a different way. a more “informal” way.

Where can you follow the Computerhoy.com Podcast?

And now the most important thing: where can you listen to the ComputerHoy podcast. Well… almost anywhere.

We recommend that you follow it on our YouTube channel, even if you have it in the background, since that way you can put a face to us and, well, it’s all a little more personal. However, we are also on various podcasting platforms.

Here we leave you the links to the most important ones so that you can bookmark us on your favorite podcasting app:

We think it’s a good variety of platforms if you’re interested in following us to stay up to date with the week’s releases and, above all, to get our opinion on products that we’ve thoroughly tested.

And, if you want to delve into series, movies and video games, don’t miss the weekly programming of our colleagues at HobbyConsolas, since they have several very entertaining formats.

If you already followed us, thank you. Y If you have just discovered us, we hope you feel at home 🙂

Source: computerhoy.com

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