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The posture adopted by couples when seated on a sofais a window into the state of their relationship. This is the conclusion of a study conducted by Georgina Barnett, a British psychologist, on 2,000 cohabiting couples. “Tell me how you are sitting, I will tell you if everything is fine in your couple,” says the specialist in an interview with Motherhood in Style.

Sitting next to each other: a sign of imbalance?

While the majority of couples tend to sit next to each other on the couch, there are some pretty subtle signals that can be signs of problems in the relationship. When the partners occupy only one corner of the bench and are too glued, this is synonymous with imbalance in their relationship. “The snug person in the corner occupies the space, has confidence and has power in the relationship. The other, on the other hand, seems less confident. She seeks contact and reassurance,” explains Georgina Barnett.

However, there is a nuance when they are seated more in the center of the sofa, while maintaining physical contact, such as a hand on the thigh or other. “Couples who settle in this way have trust in their relationship and can therefore allow themselves personal space. It’s a mixture of intimacy and freedom, ”analyzes the psychologist. But although in love, the latter no longer experience the passion of the first days, according to the expert.

When the position on the sofa announces a crisis

According to the psychologist, the hour is serious in the event that the two partners are seated at two different ends. “It’s even worse if their legs are crossed in opposite directions,” she says. This posture is generally a sign of tension within the couple. It can also be a sign of something left unsaid or resentment, according to Georgina Barnett.

And contrary to what one might think, if the partners settle on different bases, at a distance from each other, this does not necessarily mean that they are in crisis. It can just be couples comfortable enough with each other to have their own space. Although this study is based on a fairly large sample, its conclusions should still be taken with caution.

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