The United States is the first power in the world for many reasons. And, of course, the military section is one of the main ones. The US Navy has presented a devastating torpedo that Russia and China will have to overcome.

The first thing we need to know is that the Navy has planes. Yes, the forces dedicated to monitoring the seas have pilots and planes of all kinds to their credit, not everything will be ships (think of aircraft carriers, for example).

As well, within the Navy air team, the P-8A is one of the most advanced aircraft. This aircraft is known as the Poseidon and is built by Boeing for the United States Navy.

And, for a few weeks, said aircraft is better equipped than ever: Mk 54 torpedoes. This maritime patrol aircraft is capable of launching torpedoes from the air with its very high cruising altitude. This torpedo is not nuclear.

The High Altitude Anti-submarine Weapons Capability (HAAWC) transforms the firing system of the Mk 54 light air-launched anti-submarine torpedo. This is how the new torpedo works. By the way, did you know that there are planes in case the end of the world breaks loose?

How the Air/Underwater Missile Works

The HAAWC system consists of a kit that mounts some wingswhich Boeing calls an air-launched accessory (ALA), for the Mk 54 lightweight torpedo. Once launched, the two deployable wings are extended and the weapon hovers to a designated target area using a GPS guidance system.

Upon reaching the target areathe ALA system releases the torpedo via a tail parachute before it enters the water. This is to slow down the missile’s descent and prevent it from taking damage from hitting the water.

The wing kit system used is derived from Boeing’s AGM-84H/K Standoff Land Attack Missile-Expanded Response (SLAM-ER) air-launched cruise missile. For its part, the destructive part is a precision-guided bomb.

Boeing says the wing kit it has developed allows the Mk 54 torpedo to weigh up to 275 kg, allowing it to glide to a target up to 65 km. This estimate, of course, is highly dependent on the speed and altitude of the plane when it releases the missile.


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