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When a house is analyzed, climatic comfort weighs in the balance, which guarantees and which translates not only into the mild temperatures, but also into the good renewal of the air, which must be preserved in all seasons of the year, but with special attention in winter. This climatic comfort is achieved through the use of materials that improve thermal insulation, and the entrance of natural light, which helps to control the loss of heat and energy.

Reduce energy consumption and improve well-being. By promoting the entry of natural light into the house, through windows, it will reduce energy consumption. both the lights and the heaters themselves. Newer window models are made of thermally insulated glass, which helps the home conserve temperature and increase natural light. with the aim of reducing the use of air conditioning technologies, which is also an asset in terms of the environment and monetary savings.

Use window accessories that prevent heat from escaping. With the arrival of colder days, it is natural that the heat absorbed during the day dissipates until the evening and, in order to keep that heat inside the house, it is recommended, in addition to closing the windows very well, use blinds as a complement, as in addition to helping to maintain heat, they also ensure greater visual thermal comfort.

Replace windows that no longer seal well. Seek to change the windows, doing so as soon as possible, and choose to install new windows that suit the space, not only to avoid heat loss and the entry of cold, but also to provide greater comfort inside the house.

Invest in specific lighting for each space🇧🇷 Making the different rooms of the house comfortable also involves adapting all the lighting. Using more yellowish lamps and, if possible, with dimmable intensity, in specific points of the house, such as next to the sofa, the television unit or on top of the bedside table, ends up making the space visually warmer and more welcoming.

Match the decor to the season. Adapting the existing decoration to the season of the year is essential to maintain the comfort of the houses. With the arrival of cold weather, it is advisable to opt for warmer colors, for example, on cushions, blankets, tablecloths, and to choose more polar or woolen textures.
Anticipation and behavior changes can be the key to savings, for a more sustainable world, and for a more comfortable winter.

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