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The Apple Watch spheres go far beyond being able to combine their color with the clothes we wear or fit with the strap we have put on our watch. Besides the style, thanks to the complications, the different spheres have a very important functional aspect. One that is important that we take into account to get the most out of our Apple Watch.

How many hours a day do we wear our watch on our wrist? All. Except for that little time that we use to charge it, every day of the year, at all hours, we have the Apple Watch on our wrist. But every day is different, and the different parts of the same day too. So let’s take a moment to reflect and propose five ideas to customize the sphere on our Apple Watch.

In the gym

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When we think of the gym or, more generally, of an environment in which we are going to exercise, the first thing that comes to mind is everything related to activity rings. While surely the best idea is to wear these rings in almost any sphere of daily use, they do take on special relevance in the gym. But they are not, by far, the only interesting complication.

The ones that apps like Athlytic or Gentler Streak can offer us to see our state of physical preparation are most interesting. If we do not have an Apple Watch Ultra with its action button to start training, a direct access to it in our sphere is also a good idea. Also for guide our warm-up, we can opt for a 10-minute timervery useful to launch a countdown quickly.

At work

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At work we will probably want to opt for a sphere with its fair share of complications that gives us, at a glance, quite diverse information. The Infogram sphere can be a very interesting choice. The calendar at the top, access to reminders at the bottom, activity rings and weather conditions to know if we have to take the umbrella before leaving the office are all good options.

The time in another time zone, if our work requires it, maybe a couple of shortcuts and Mail or Messages to be well communicated they finish rounding off the proposal. And that’s if we’re talking about native apps, because there are several third-party task management tools and even the pomodoro method that are very interesting.


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Here it already depends a lot on what kind of trips we make, but let’s make a general proposal. The Modular dial with central complication with weather conditionsideal for planning the day in the morning or knowing if we will have to return by Uber from a certain visit because of the rain.

The complication of charging the battery to keep it in mind, quick access to maps, activity rings and the time in Spain can also be really interesting. useful too reckon with the compassto orient ourselves very quickly and in a general way without having to do more than raise the wrist.

During the weekend

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Another really personal sphere, but from which we can outline some general lines. Perhaps without saturating ourselves with too much information, but having what is most useful to us. The Siri sphere could well fit here. Why? For its ability to adjust to each of our weekends, however different they may be. Whether we’re really busy with household chores and have a lot of reminders, or we’re more relaxed and have time to do a Breathe session, the Siri sphere is there.

We will probably want change the only complication that the sphere presentsWell, we already have access to Siri with the digital crown. Options, here, are the activity rings, the podcasts app to listen quietly or the Music app, to give a few examples.

Before going to sleep

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A sphere that should lead us to do a bit of decompression of the day and prepare for rest. There are many minimalist spheres. One that we can try is the XL, in a color that we like. A sphere that by default has no complications, and that we will surely want to keep it that way.

A sphere that we communicate the need to reduce the stimuli of constant information and, giving us the time, prepare us to go to rest. Something that we can also achieve with Mickey Mouse, or Photos, for example.

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Without wanting to make a guide here on how to configure the spheres of our Apple Watch, something highly personal, we did want to talk about some ideas and, above all, emphasize the value of personalization. Being something, as we say, personal, adapting it to our tastes and preferences and to the different days, times and locations makes us enjoy our Apple Watch much more.

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