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“There is no one way to be happy, there are thousands!”

Sabine, 64: “I’ve found myself. If I’m beautiful on the inside, then I’m also beautiful on the outside, the wrinkles don’t matter.”

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Photographer Sibylle Stengel-Klemmer, 57, has brought women over 50 in front of the lens. Her message: Live your life, do your thing and be happy! But how will that work? One conversation and many great women.

Essen photographer Sibylle Stengel-Klemmer launched an appeal to women over 50. Anyone who wanted to could come to her studio and have their picture taken free of charge. To date, more than 200 have come, each bringing their own personal story.

BRIGITTE: I’m over 50 – why should I come to your photo shoot?

Sibylle Stengel-Klemmer: With my photo project, I want to inspire women to find their own path that will make them happy. And it should help them to see aging as a privilege. To stay interested and curious to take advantage of all the opportunities they have, both professionally and personally. In my circle of friends and acquaintances I experience women who are full of energy – just like the more than 200 women I have been able to photograph as part of my project so far. They live completely different life concepts and each one has its justification. There is no one way to be happy, there are thousands!

How did you come up with the idea for your women’s project 50+?

The topic of how women are supposed to live, look or think has occupied me for a long time. At some point I realized myself: I can do my thing, and if I’m 100 percent convinced of it, then it will work. Then I’m good, then I’m authentic. Through my job as a master photographer, I sometimes notice that even young girls don’t want to smile because otherwise they could get expression lines. Why hold back your emotions just because you’re scared of a few wrinkles? Holding back feelings just to conform to an ideal of beauty? Feelings are a wonderful gift to us to live out.

Men enjoy, women dye, fast and, in extreme cases, refrain from smiling – how can we think of aging positively for ourselves?

First of all, we should ask ourselves: What do I really want? What do I want, what do I need, what is good for ME? And not: What is expected of me? And you’re out of the box that women over 50 are pigeonholed in and you create a space in which you can freely and unrestrictedly decide where your own interests lead you. I myself have found in the course of life that not all expectations that are placed on me have to be accepted by me. I don’t need some things, they don’t make me happy.

Many middle-aged women experience themselves as invisible – how do we manage to love ourselves when others don’t seem to do it anymore?

We shouldn’t base our self-worth on other people’s judgments. We won’t be happy that way, because there will always be someone who complains. Anyone who is only outwardly oriented will eventually break down because their own needs are not being met. I believe we are here to be happy. And those who are happy create an environment in which everyone lives happier. Therefore, we should rather work on our personality than against wrinkles. My appeal is: “Live your life, do your thing and be happy!”

You can find more information and more pictures at www.sibylleklemmer.de/frauenprojekt-50/


Source: Brigitte

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