The extinction of species can be due to many factors, however, humans are one of the main ones, by-catch or the destruction of their habitats has caused many species to become extinct and others to appear on the list of animals. at risk of extinction.

Many might understand extinction as a sudden phenomenon in which a species is annihilated in a short time, as happened with the dinosaurs, but the reality is that species continue to disappear regularly, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) estimates that each year about 10 thousand species are lost.

Scientists have recently calculated that there are approximately 8.7 million species on Earth, but What species have become extinct in the last 10 years?

The list of extinct animals throughout the history of humanity is very long, so we bring a compilation of some of the recently extinct animals.

1.- Splendid poison dart frog, extinct in 2020

The splendid poison dart frog or splendid poison dart frog was a species of poison dart frog endemic to the western tip of Panama. Deforestation and habitat degradation, as well as human activities such as tree felling, expansion of urban and suburban areas, and construction and use of railway lines, contributed significantly to the frog’s extinction.

Splendid poison dart frog, extinct in 2020

2.- Bramle Cay mosaic-tailed rat, extinct 2019

The Bramble Cay melomys, or Bramble Cay mosaic-tailed rat, is a recently extinct species of rodent, native to isolated Bramble Cay, the northernmost point of land in Australia. Scientists determined that it became extinct due to man-made climate change. The 10-acre habitat was less than 10 feet above sea level.

Bramle Cay mosaic-tailed rat, extinct 2019

3.- Baiji’s dolphin, it is estimated that it has become extinct in the year 2020

The baiji is a possibly extinct species of freshwater dolphin, and is believed to be the first species of dolphin driven to extinction due to human impact.

The most likely cause of the baiji’s decline is the use of hooked fishing nets that entangle and drown dolphins as bycatch. Other causes may be habitat degradation.

Baiji’s dolphin, estimated to be extinct in the year 2020

4.- Giant Pinta Tortoise, it is estimated that it became extinct in 2012 from its natural habitat

The giant Pinta tortoise, or Abingdon Island tortoise, is a species of Galapagos tortoise native to the Pinta Island of Ecuador that is probably extinct in the wild. The scientists found 31 tortoises on Isabela Island, in the Galapagos island chain.

Giant Pinta Tortoise, estimated to have become extinct in 2012

5.- Oahu tree snail extinct in the year of 2019

The Hawaii Division of Forestry and Wildlife on January 3, 2019 via Twitter reported the death of the George snail, the last specimen of tree snails on the island of Oahu. The last snail of this species was approximately 14 years old when it died, with no data on the existence of another of its congeners.

Oahu tree snail, extinct in the year of 2019

6.- Po’ouli extinct in the year of 2018

The po’ouli (Melamprosops phaeosoma) is an extinct species of passerine bird endemic to the Hawaiian archipelago.

It is the only species in the genus Melamprosops. The vernacular name, poʻouli, means ‘black head’ and refers to its trademark, a black mask.

Since 2004 no living specimens have been observed and since 2018 the species is considered extinct by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Po’ouli extinct in the year of 2018

7.- Tico Tico de Alagoas declared extinct in 2018

The Alagoas ticotico, also known as the Novaes ticotico, is a species of passerine bird in the Furnariidae family, belonging to the Philydor genus. It is endemic to northeastern Brazil and has been considered extinct since 2018.

Tico Tico de Alagoas declared extinct in 2018

8.- Rabb’s tree frog extinct in the year 2018

Ecnomiohyla rabborum, better known as Rabb’s tree frog, is a species of amphibian endemic to Panama, which used to live at more or less high altitudes, between 900 and 1,150 meters above sea level.

The last living individual was Toughie, a male specimen that was captured in 2005, becoming part of the Atlanta Botanical Park.

Rabb’s tree frog extinct in the year of 2018

9.- North American Puma extinct in 2018

In September 2018, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service officially declared the eastern North American cougar (Puma concolor couguar) extinct, the animal entered the endangered species list in 1973.

North American puma extinct in 2018

10.- Western black rhinoceros, extinct in 2011

Although eleven years have passed since its extinction was declared, we want to remember the cao of the western black rhino or West African black rhino is an extinct subspecies of the black rhino. It was declared extinct by the IUCN in 2011. The main reason the West African black rhino has become extinct is due to poachers or illegal hunters.

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Hunters killed them solely for the value of their horns, which are used both for use in Chinese medicine and as decoration in the Middle East.

Western black rhinoceros, extinct in 2011

Other species that have become extinct in recent times are:

  1. Alaotra Grebe
  2. Spix’s Macaw
  3. Moorea Viviparous Tree Snail
  4. Pyrenean ibex
  5. asian cheetah
  6. gastric brooding frog
  7. Tasmanian Tiger
  8. bucardo
  9. imperial woodpecker
  10. woolly rhino

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