What is cheap in the end ends up being expensive, especially if you buy counterfeit products.

We are immersed in full campaign of Black Friday, and with it huge discounts, a series of offers that you can buy in most of your favorite stores, but there are also social networking sites that sell too cheap to be true.

When we buy on the Internet, we must not only be aware of hackers, but also counterfeits, that is, those people who put up products for sale that pretend to be real, and that are actually poorly made copies and that can be a Both an economic and security problem. And it is that cheap ends up being expensive.

And indeed Instagram has removed hundreds of products suspected of being fake as part of a joint campaign with Trading Standards, reports via Thesun.

Products that have been recalled include phone accessories, chargers, clothing, jewelry, auto parts and much more.

There are consumers who, due to economic reasons, cannot get that official accessory for their favorite phone or tablet, and for this they access sites of dubious quality that sell this type of counterfeit product, copies of official accessories. We also talk about non-original clothing.

Trading Standards experts have warned that these types of fake products are not only of poor quality, but also very dangerous.

Buying fakes may seem like a harmless way to get what you want for less money. In addition to being shoddy, fake electrical items can be a fire hazard, while imitation toys can be deadly to children, as criminals don’t care about safety standards.”, say experts.

How not to fall for purchases of counterfeit items

First, and most fundamental, if something is too cheap, it sure has a trick. No one gives away money, so if you see an online site that sells that accessory or that phone you love so much for a large discount, it’s possibly a counterfeit or something is wrong with those offers.

Experts also recommend that you always pay by credit card or PayPal, as they offer protection to buyers if products don’t arrive or are proven to be counterfeit.

It is convenient that we read the reviews of each of the sellers, and even be wary of sellers with few votes.

In this way, if you do not want to be disappointed this black fridayalways try to buy from trusted stores and under a series of discounts that are fairly logical.

Source: computerhoy.com

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