Match – SO FOOT.comA cameraA camera that illustrates papers containing videoTrophyPictogram representing a trophy. This picto illustrates the results / ranking section of SOFOOT.comFacebook logoFacebook icon linking to the Facebook page of our siteArrowAn arrow used for navigation. The direction of the arrow changes depending on the context where it is usedGoogle+ logoLink to our Google+ page“Hamburger” iconIcon composed of three identical horizontal black lines, one above the other, used to illustrate the notion of “menu”.Logo, InstagramSmall camera used to link to our Instagram pagethumb upPictogram representing a hand clenched into a fist with the thumb raised upwards. Illustration of the concept of “like” of social networksLessThe mathematical “minus” signCameraA qsui camera illustrates articles with photoMoreThe mathematical “plus” signMagnifying glassPictogram representing a magnifying glass, illustrating the concept of “search” on the site.To respond toA rounded arrow, pointing to the left and used to evoke the reply to a commentStar5-pointed star, illustrating the concept of “bookmarking”twitter-logoSmall bird illustrating the link to our Twitter account



Peggy McColl

Mentor l NY Times Bestselling Author. Hi, I'm Peggy McColl, and I'm here to deliver a positive message to you!

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