Thursday, November 24, 2022, Cyril Hanouna had invited a matador as well as an activist to discuss the ban on bullfighting. The latter interrupted the show and prevented any discussion on the TPMP set.

This is a controversial theme that Cyril Hanouna wanted to address on Thursday, November 24, on the Touche set not at my post. Whereas the ban on bullfighting is discussed in the National Assembly, the leader of C8 decided to invite Marc Serrano, a matador, as well as Yannis Ezziadi, a journalist passionate about bullfighting. To face them, he had announced that activist Solveig Halloin would then be present on the set.

As the matador explained to columnists, overwhelmingly against this spectacle, the reasons why he wanted carry on this tradition, the activist entered the set earlier than expected. With a hand painted redshe did not hesitate to parade on the set, then to stand behind Cyril Hanouna, ignoring his requests to take a seat alongside the columnists.

Interrupted by the activist, the matador leaves the set

If she was initially silent, Solveig Halloin then decided to stand in front of the matador to hide him from the cameras. She sat down on the table and first started to interrupt him by mumbling a few words, before finally taking the floor and no longer stopping, so that Marc Serrano and Yannis Ezziadi could no longer speak at all. “You don’t speak to a murderer, it’s dangerous” she chanted.

Faced with his refusal to debate calmly, the matador decided to leave the set of C8, in full live. “Thank you all for the invitation, it was very important. One day when there will be a calmer debate, I would come back with pleasure” he managed to declare, despite the cries of the activistbefore leaving under the protests of the other chroniclers.

The columnists come out of their hinges in the face of the activist

After Marc Serrano’s departure from the set, some columnists began to lose patience and get angry. Raymond Aabou thus launched to the activist: “There’s a guy who kills bulls, he was there and you let him go. Your lipstick is bullshit. It’s stupid what you do“. In fact, the columnist who openly said he was against bullfighting wanted to be able to argue with the matador to understand his point of view and did not have the opportunity to do so.

Finally, after yet another monologue from the activist, Gilles Verdez ended up coming out of her hinges. “Who are you talking to Solveig? Who are the slavers? Talk normally to people. You are fucking annoying. But shut up, we don’t understand” he shouted, visibly beside himself. Faced with the activist’s lack of consideration, the show finally ended in a total hubbubcompletely preventing any discussion on the subject.


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