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The winter season is the season of static hair. How to tame them so that warm hats are not scary for us? There are ways to do that.

In winter, hair becomes more static than ever. This is influenced by the conditions in which we live, the clothes we wear and the type of hair.

Why does my hair get static?

The ions on the surface of the hair are responsible for this. Usually there are about the same amount of positive and negative ions on them. The problem arises when the proportions are disturbed and the positive ones start to prevail. This happens when:

  • the hair is dry,
  • the air in the room is dry and heated (therefore the problem worsens in the heating season),
  • hair rubs against clothes or objects made of plastic (e.g. we wear polyester hats).

Molecules with the same charge repel each other, which is why individual hairs rise and move away from others, creating a hairstyle that none of us would like to have on our heads. Hair that is naturally dry and porous is the most susceptible to static.

How to make your hair not electrified?

There are several ways to tame charged hair floating around the head. Here are four of them:

1. Moisturizing Shampoo

Since dry hair attracts more positive ions, it needs to be moisturized, of course. Especially in winter, it is worth betting on an intensively moisturizing shampoo.

2. Dryer? curler? straightener? Only with ionization

Drying your hair or heat styling it can dry it out and aggravate the problem of static. To avoid this, you have to do it skillfully. The best choice will be devices with ionization. During operation, they release negative ions that neutralize the positive ones. Thanks to this, the hair politely returns to its place.

3. Hairbrush with natural bristles

Combing your hair with a plastic brush will charge them even more, and under the influence of the hat they will go completely crazy. It is better to use a comb with wooden spikes or a brush with natural bristles.

4. Hats made of natural materials

Instead of a synthetic hat, a wool or other natural material will be better.

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