The Pantheon of the illustrious dead of the Nation today makes a place for one of the most indefatigable fighters, Hebe has stopped walking the streets of the town to definitively become a star that guides a destiny of ethics and justice.

It was always uncomfortable, it never gave in to any convenience, today we could say a thousand things, that many will do better than me. The year 2016 came to my mind when a judge declared her in absentia and requested her arrest. Some words that Hebe declared to a journalist made me see once again the immensity of her legacy, at that time I wrote these words that I transcribe here:

They say that in the property that today surrounds Las Heras, Salguero, Juncal and Coronel Díaz streets, where people sunbathe unaware of the prison past of that square, in 1955, one of its now collapsed cells locked up Don Hugo Del Carril . His crime: Peronist.

The anecdote says that the popular idol chose neither silence nor exile and endured with noble dignity the confinement that the firing squad imposed on him. Every morning, when dawn appeared, his powerful and manly voice filled the spaces of the jail with the verses of the Peronist march.

This provoked the fury of his jailers, who silenced him with a brutal beating –let’s remember that, at that time, singing the march, naming the General and other similar “expletives” were prohibited, they were illegal–.

The next morning, between bruises and swellings, the voice of the idol came out again: loos muuchachoos peroniiistas…

His imprisonment became tremendously uncomfortable for his jailers, who could not get the artist that the people loved and respected to stop committing the crime of singing the march, not even in exchange for his freedom.

Finally, the only remedy was to let him out one night, hoping that the lack of daylight would drown out the powerful voice that was immortalized in the popular march.

Four centuries before the Christian era, the great Sophocles immortalized for all time the story of the daughter of the King of Thebes. Antigone defies the laws of the polis and honors the memory of her dead brother by giving her a proper burial. In this way, he went against the orders of Creon, King of Thebes at the time and her uncle, who, stubborn in enforcing civil law, imprisons Antigone, and in the face of her refusal to rectify her position, condemns her to death. . The consequences are tremendous for the polis and the very life of Creon.

Antigone separated Ethics from morality for all time.

These are just two anecdotes –one from universal literature and the other from our recent history– of two incorrect characters, both disobeyed the laws in force, honoring their own convictions and making their own and others, friends and enemies uncomfortable.

For the enemies they are indomitable, therefore, there is no way to defeat them, because even death or exile constitute a triumph. For friends, they set the bar so high that they become a mirror that only returns their own misery and cowardice.

In our days, we have the incorrect Hebe de Bonafini; or better, simply Hebe. She is incorrigible, she is not going to tell you that if you think “that maybe it is time to forget and forgive” you are wrong. No. She’s going to tell you that you’re a son of a bitch. She will not shut up if you were in the ranks of human rights, but now you believe “that it is time to equate the crimes of the state with those of the wayward and mistaken revolutionaries of the seventies.” No. She won’t shut up. She will tell you that you are a traitor.

She is old and overflowing. She does not have the redeemed dignity of Taty Almeida, nor the wise balance of Estela. She is driven and buries the dagger to the bottom, she has no half measures. That’s why she’s uncomfortable, very uncomfortable, so we don’t know what to do with her. We ask her “to conform to the law, that we are all equal before the law” and she shows us that we are not all equal, that there are a few better ones.

That there are unwritten laws superior to the laws of the codes.

I prefer the words that this morning I heard Hebe say: “The judge sent me to say that he declared me in default, please let him know that I have been in default since February 8, 1977 when they killed my first child.”

Today dear Hebe you have immortalized yourself, your example leaves us a very high bar. We hope to be at your level.

Until victory –which you have already achieved today– always!

Osvaldo Rodriguez is Associate Professor of Psychoanalysis Freud I, Faculty of Psychology, UBA.

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