Oscar Parrillinational senator of the Frente de Todos (FdT) for Neuquén, affirmed this Thursday that the decision of the federal judge María Eugenia Capuchetti to delegate the investigation to the prosecutor Carlos Rívolo for the assassination attempt on Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is “a recognition“by the magistrate that he did not carry out the investigation of the cause “as it corresponded”. Regarding his expectations regarding Rívolo’s performance, he said that he prefers “not to anticipate.”

“It seems to me that, as the lawyers say, it is a ‘a confession from one party, relief of evidence’. It is the judge’s acknowledgment that she has not carried out the investigation as appropriate,” said the senator in radio statements.

Among other irregularities, Parrilli pointed out that the judge “left vital evidence unprotected or pertinent care”, such as Fernando Sabag Montiel’s cell phone -which was reset-, and that did not investigate “who they paid financially” to the members of federal revolutionas well as his “political relations”, alluding to the money that Jonathan Morel received from the Caputo Group for a supposed “carpentry job” and to the statements of congressman Gerardo Milman days before the assassination attempt.

“All that I stop investigating. He eluded it and before the evidence of the facts now he takes the hot potato out of his hands. Her responsibility is unquestionable and in the Chamber we are not going to expect anything different. That is where these judges (Leopoldo) Bruglia and (Pablo) Bertuzzi are, “he stressed in reference to the magistrates who were appointed in that court by a decree of former President Mauricio Macri.

Asked about his expectations regarding the Prosecutor Rivoloto whom Capuchetti delegated the investigation, Parrilli maintained that he does not want to anticipate until he sees his performance“You have to see the facts. We are not accusing, we are only asking for an investigation. What is denied to Cristina, and to all Argentines, is to reach the truth in a cause in which there are too many elements,” said the senator.

Federal Revolution and Caputo Brothers

Regarding Capuchetti’s reluctance to investigate whether there was any financing for the attack, as well as the possible links of the Federal Revolution with it, he recalled that “there is more and more money and evidence” that denies that Jonathan Morel, the member of that right-wing organization prosecuted for threats, has done carpentry work for the family of businessman Luis Caputoformer Minister of Finance of the Cambiemos government.

“There were direct contacts between Caputo with members of this group. We must also see if Gerardo Milman (Juntos por el Cambio deputy who said two days before the attack ‘when they kill her I’m on my way to the coast’) did not lead the Federal Revolution or had any political influence on them. He did not go to the marches alone, then he went out to make bombastic statements,” warned the legislator.

And he added: “Now it seems that (the former Minister of Security) Patricia Bullrich is angrybut not because of what he did (Milman) but for what they are discovering. On this point, she opined that “without a doubt” there is a political responsibility on the part of the president of the PRO, who is “trying to stand out as she always did in her violent political life.”

“There are really too many indications for them not to move forward. There is a cover-up by the judge and there is clearly an attitude of covering everything up because they are afraid of what is discovered. Milman’s private life does not interest me, but I do know that when he held public office he was very violent and aggressive,” he insisted.

“Procedural remedy”

This Wednesday, almost three months after the attack against Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Judge María Eugenia Capuchetti, surrounded by her recusal and harsh questioning of the complaint, decided to delegate the investigation to the Carlos Rívolo prosecutor’s office.

The magistrate’s game sought to anticipate the decision that the chambermaid Leopoldo Bruglia must make —one of the judges handpicked by Mauricio Macri—: if he sets her aside or confirms her in the case.

Far from admitting the errors of his actions, he presented his decision as a “procedural remedy” before CFK’s claims that cast doubt on its impartiality, and as a strategy to avoid future annulments.

What is striking is that in the same letter where he announced his decision, he indicated that he would not accommodate the request of the vice president’s lawyers to change the accusation against Nicolás Carrizo and add the crime of illicit association based on chats that have been going on for a month. in the case and the court had not analyzed.

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