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If you are thinking of starting a journal, but you are too lazy to have to write; you are in luck We have found applications for Android mobile phones with which to keep a diary and without having to write.

Keeping a diary is one of the best tasks you can do in your day to day, allows you to remember what you have done during the 24 hours that it lasts and, in addition, you can always review it to find out how you were on a specific date.

Of course, keeping a diary is also a tedious task and, above all, it forces you to stop for several minutes to reflect. In the society we live in, This mandatory break can mean lost time to do other activities.

But, What if we told you that you don’t have to stop your day to write in a journal? We have found Applications in the Google store that allow you to keep a journal without the constant need to write.

The applications that we have found are several and all of them fulfill the same mission on your Android mobile. Of course, you will be the one who has to choose the one that best suits your needs and, above all, the one that you are going to use from now on. we started.

DailyBean: Simpler newspaper

This application bases the records on different icons, these being used to express how the day has gone. You can record the time, your social life, how you’ve spent the day, if you’ve had an exam, and even add your own categories. Download link to the Google Play Store.

Daylio Diary, Agenda, Encouragement

Daylio Diario also uses the icon system to make you record your day to day. In this case, the first thing it will ask you is your mood or, rather, how you feel, and based on this, you can choose other categories to define your day. Download link to the Google Play Store.

Happyfeed: Gratitude Journal

Happyfeed allows you to record your day-to-day and, in addition, you can share your impressions with the rest of your contacts in a shared board. Images can be added to exemplify how you have spent the day instead of writing. Download link to the Google Play Store.

Days Since

Days Since understands the diary as a progressive countdown. In this application you will write a task which you have to fulfill and the different days will be added as time progresses until you have to perform this task again. Download link to the Google Play Store.

1 Second Everyday: Video Diary

This application is quite similar to BeReal, except that it works in video format. You will have to upload a second of video a day which will allow you to know later how you spent the day or remind you of a specific moment of that day. Download link to the Google Play Store.

Voice Diary – Record Memories

The name of this application makes its operation clear. In this application you cannot write, if you want to record how your day has gone you will have to record voice notes which will be stored in the application so that you can listen to them later. Download link to the Google Play Store.

google maps

You may not know this, but Google Maps can be used as a journal. To do this you will have to access the application settings and activate the section called “Your chronology”. In this section you will find all the routes and places you visit when you have your mobile on you. Download link to the Google Play Store.

It is clear that you do not need to write to keep track of your day to day. Applications for mobile devices in the Play Store they can help you keep a journal without having to integrate words, making it extremely convenient to start recording your days.

You can combine several applications in order to have a more complete experience and, above all, to get much more data. Our recommendation is to have Google Maps timeline turned on and use both Voice Diary and 1 Second Everyday.


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