Supporting your partner during childbirth is a difficult topic. You can prepare for many scenarios and talk about this event during childbirth classes, but reality verifies the character of the child’s father. On a popular account for parents, there was an entry about the worst texts that fell from the lips of men in the delivery room.

A man in the delivery room. Many are not up to the task

We seem to know that it is a great challenge – full of effort, stress and excitement. Childbirth is an event that a pregnant woman has to deal with primarily alone and with the help of specialists, but the support of a loved one is invaluable on this day. Certainly, many women hope that their partner will be able to relieve her mentally and motivate her with a good word, as well as take care of physical comfort as much as he can.

It is worth preparing for this day together. The future dad should know that childbirth can go in different ways and learn about possible scenarios. Although he cannot directly help the mother of his child, he certainly has the opportunity to prepare documents for the delivery room, remind his partner about the most important things for the hospital, or support her in an individual way.

Unfortunately, some men are beyond this task. On the humorous account @__whos_your_daddy_ about parenting, he found himself some time ago with tragic comments from men during childbirth. The portal reminded about them.

“My then boyfriend – the child’s father – when I went into labor, he went to the midwives and said that a friend was having a baby. Fuck me. Now he can actually call me a friend.”

“An hour after CC. I’m lying down and the anesthesia is starting to let go and the old man to me: I’ll bring you a laptop, you’ll transfer the invoices”

“To the midwife’s statement in the delivery ward ‘You see how your wife hurts’, I heard the answer ‘The lady doesn’t tell me about the pain, I used to have seizures’. Now I know why there were bars on the windows…”

– we read in the post.

“No anesthesia, and the man to me: “K …, there is no internet here”

In addition to being amused by the situation, many women talk about their experiences with childbirth, which in many cases ended in separation. “My husband (now ex-husband) said during childbirth that it doesn’t hurt at all, he recently hit the bed with his foot…” – wrote one of the women. “3 days after giving birth, he came to visit the room like crazy and yelled ‘So what? When’s the next one?’ The girls looked at me sympathetically and I burst into tears because I was having bad days due to feeding problems…”.

“Someone once told somewhere that at discharge, when they were returning home with the baby, the husband asked “what are you going to have for dinner today?”,

“3rd childbirth. No anesthesia, and the man to me: »K …, there is no internet here. What will I do?«”

“My labor no. two. Twin daughters are born, before entering the operating room (around midnight) I text him “delivery has begun” to which he replies: “do you need me now?””

others comment.

“It scares me how many people are amused by the complete lack of empathy and support from partners who are about to become fathers and raise people,” comments one person and adds that more should be required of partners.

There are also people who defend men. “Some of the stories are far-fetched and sound like a misunderstanding. Not to mention that guys also experience such childbirth and it’s a psychological burden, so how is it that women can freak out before, during and after all this and a guy with so many stimuli doesn’t ?” asks the man under the post. “Okay, that’s right, it’s also an experience for a guy, but he’s not pregnant, in labor pains and you could exchange until the morning what a woman is going through, and what a guy only looks at from the side” – the internet user replies to him.

The Polish actress told about her husband’s great support

Fortunately, many men try to give their partner as much support as they can. This was recently shown by Marianna Gierszewska. After giving birth to a child in 2021, she shared a moving photo with her partner.

“I have not dealt with intimacy greater than the one that bound us at birth … I have not yet stood on such stable legs, being at the same time so high … so close to everything that is Divine and Infinite. I did not know such boundaries. I did not know such exhaustion. I didn’t know such pain. I didn’t know such looks. I didn’t know such touch … Thank you for being there. I wouldn’t have done it alone, “the actress wrote.

“Miloszek, now you better turn around. These will be sharp views,” our midwife advised in specific moments. Then Miłosz came even closer to me, held my hand even tighter, spoke to me even more intensely. Because he knew that sharp views for him meant great pain for me. So he didn’t turn his back on it … he didn’t stand in a corner or at an angle … “.

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