This Thursday, a crowd fired the President of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Association, Hebe de Bonafini, who died last Sunday, November 20, at the age of 93. After the ceremony, his remains were scattered in the Pirámide de Mayo.

in dialogue with AM750the Minister of Development of the Buenos Aires Community, Andrés “Cuervo” Larroquerecalled the historic militant and reflected: “He had a lot of wisdom and sharpness, he read the political situation before. He was a person who was ahead of the facts, but by a lot. Hebe saw everything with great anticipation“.

Our bond was strengthened after Nestor’s last act (Kirchner) at Luna Park. It was generated there, and then it was permanent“, told Larroque in Here, there and everywhere.

In addition, the official and leader of La Cámpora highlighted Bonafini’s “sharpness” in reading the political situation: “He was a person who was ahead of the facts, but by a lot. He hebe saw everything with great anticipation. At one point I defined, almost as a matter of faith, accepting what she said because experience was indicating to me that she was always right. with Christina (Kirchner) it happens to me too“.

Finally, the Buenos Aires minister concluded: “She was always very generous, sensitive and affectionate. And also, when I had to lift you up, I didn’t skimp. I knew when she was angry, because she called me and said ‘Larroque’. If not, he called me Andrés. Because he didn’t like being called “Crow”, he said that the name my mother gave me was beautiful“.

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