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The opposition says that the reform of the Penal Code is done at the dictation of criminals

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, this Thursday in the Congress of Deputies.EFE
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The repeal of the crime of sedition has already entered its final stretch. The Government and their parliamentary partners approved this Thursday at the last hour of the night, in an extraordinary plenary session, the taking into consideration of the bill signed by the PSOE and Unidas Podemos that proposes modifying the penal code with the main objective of suppressing sedition and replacing it with a new figure of aggravated public disorder.

The vote yielded a balance of 187 votes in favour, compared to 155 against and six abstentions. Despite the PP’s attempts to have the Socialist deputies photograph themselves one by one and out loud, no vote leak was recorded in their group. They all bet on him yes.

The change to the Penal Code, agreed by the Government with ERC in full negotiation of the Budgetswill be processed urgently and, consequently, will be approved no later than Christmas.

With it, the sentences of those who, as in October 2017, challenged the State by calling and holding an illegal referendum on self-determination in catalonia and they even approved a unilateral declaration of independence, violating the main articles on which constitutional legitimacy is based: the sovereignty that resides in the Spanish people and the indivisible unity of the nation.

With the reform promoted by the Government through its parliamentary groups, the crime that until now was considered sedition will go from being punished with the current 15 years in prison to only between three and five years and, in the event that its promoters were authority, the penalty of absolute disqualification for a period of six to eight years will be added.

In this way, once the sedition is repealed, the article 2.2 of the Criminal Code that establishes the retroactivity of criminal laws for the benefit of the prisoner, which will redound in favor of those who have fled from Justice after the 1-O attempt –Carlos Puigdemont either Martha Rovira– and alleviate the disqualifications that weigh on those convicted -and later pardoned- by ​​the supreme court. For example, the ERC leader, oriol junqueras.

In short, with the suppression of this type of crime, the Supreme Court is amended, the defenses of the State are disarmed and future challenges are cheaper. Junqueras himself confirmed this a couple of weeks ago: Allowing the undemocratic apparatus of the State to have fewer tools and shortly after in an executive from his party added: We lower the price for when we try again. ERC spokesperson in Congress, Gabriel RufinI seconded this opinion this Thursday: We have taken the toy away from fascist judges. And he stressed: Voting is not a crime.

The socialist “courage”

The PSOE defended its initiative, prying its chest out of the support it has to approve it: independentistas, nationalists, abertzales and minority formations of the left. your deputy Francisco Aranda He launched himself against the opposition, which he accused of crossing all political and ethical limits against Pedro Sánchez. He insisted that with this reform the Criminal Code is homologated with the regulations of other European countries, forgetting, however, what is the legal good to be protected, in this case the form of State and territorial integrity that, if violated, are punished with much higher penalties in the rest of Europe. Aranda scored political courage, historical sense and honesty for his party; he hung the medals of hatred, confrontation and non-politics to the opposition.

The representative of Unidas Podemos also influenced the argument of comparative law, Jaume Asens, who advocated for ceasing to be the Iberian exception. Putting an end to sedition, he affirmed, is a requirement of Europe and a democratic victory.

Asens insisted on the need to take the Catalan conflict out of court and advocated proceeding with a much deeper reform of the Penal Code, thus suggesting the possibility of ending up sponsoring an amendment to review the crime of embezzlement, something that, for now, both the PSOE and ERC prefer to leave on hold.

The reply from the Popular Party corresponded to the spokesperson for the group, Cuca Gamarra. For her, the repeal of sedition is an additional provision to the Budgets. It is a government payment to the Catalan independence movement; a derogation to the dictation of Junqueras. A shameful, cheating and fraudulent initiative that circumvents, I recall, the reports of the council of stateof CGPJ and of the Fiscal Council. Why are they sparing their praise? Gamarra asked.

“Tailored” for criminals

In the opinion of the PP, it is a reform tailored to criminals with which the rule of law is dismantled stone by stone. The next objectives will be, he warned, the amnesty and the referendum. Now what it comes down to, he affirmed, is to rewrite the Supreme Court ruling. No one had ever gone this far to stay in power, they settled.

Gamarra appealed to the socialist deputies to rebel against indignity. But that didn’t happen. The PNV opted for the reform, ensuring that it rectifies the State policy that has been carried out in Catalonia. For Basque nationalists, the crime of sedition is a legal platypus.

Citizens, by mouth of Ins Arrimadas, assured that the Government is perpetrating a blow to the Criminal Code at the request of those convicted of sedition themselves. She stopped to remember the promises made by Sánchez in relation to the Catalan conflict in the electoral campaign.

Vox, for its part, accused Pedro Sánchez of going through the cash register before the coup plotters and executing a covert amnesty and a delegitimization of the judges. This party has called this Sunday rallies in all the provinces against the government of ruin and insecurity.

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