New York, USA.- Elon Musk’s Twitter changes now extend to employee spendingvacation policy and office work, according to Business Insider.

Twitter is entering a new phase of austerity in expenses under Musk’s ownership, according to an email sent Monday night from the human resources department and seen by Insider.

It came just hours after Musk held his second all-employee meeting at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters.

In the email he asked everyone who writes software or codes to send individual weekly updates on their work.

The changes during Musk’s first month as Twitter owner and leading the company as CEO
have been frequent and sudden, including mass layoffsoften with major demands overnight.

With email, you formalize many changes that employees speculated on or briefly alluded to by Musk. For example,
Twitter will stop absorbing various expenses or paying for a series of privileges that were made available to employeessome for many years. The maximum amount allocated to work-related trips was also capped, as those are going to be rarer.

We are facing a difficult economic climate in which it is essential to pay more attention to cost management”the email said.
“Twitter’s future is super bright if we can work together to be wise stewards of the company’s resources.”

In addition to these and other changes detailed in the email, Twitter employees are expected to work in the office every day starting Monday, the day the email was sent. What other changes did he implement? “Exceptions” will be allowed for people to continue working from home on a case-by-case basis, as Musk said in other emails. Previously, he softened his stance on working from home, which was offered to anyone who worked at Twitter under a decision made by former CEO Jack Dorsey.

The benefits or “allowances” that are being “discontinued,” according to the memo include all costs associated with wellness, productivity and new hiresWith the costs of home internet, training and development or “learning”; Twitter Bootcamp, which was a company-wide group activity, and any smaller team activities previously expected to occur on a quarterly basis, they were canceled. A temporary allowance to cover Covid-19 related childcare expenses is also abolished.

“Allocations will be re-evaluated over time and may be added back when the company’s financial situation improves”, the email pointed out. Its existence was previously reported by The Verge, though not its full content.

One former employee pointed out that the training and development allowance had been a part of Twitter for years, allowing people to spend things that helped them improve their work. As are expenses for group or team activities, something that is common among tech companies.

Typical work-related expenses were also reduced. The allowance for the cell phone bill is now $50 a month and for food during a work trip it will be $75. A former employee said that the previous budget for a phone was $150. Meanwhile, the overall spending limit for any type of work-related travel has been revised by seniority level, according to the email.

The changes apply to any expenses after November 1, according to the email. It is also noted that refunds are taking longer than usual “due to the high volume of requests” and probably because layoffs and resignations have caused many people to leave the company. Among them, those who had the authority to approve the expenses of the workers.

“We are working to redirect expense reports currently awaiting approval from managers who are no longer on Twitter”the email says.

The changes also cover food and drink on Twitter. You are now in the process of transitioning to a “partially paid” offer, this means that employees will have to pay for most of the food the company offers, whereas before everything was free.

Any travel on Twitter must now only be “for critical business purposes” and an estimate of costs will have to be pre-approved by a manager “before any arrangements are made.”

Also, a manager or senior manager can now only spend up to $500 on a work-related trip; a vice president has $10,000, and a senior vice president or a member of the “CEO’s staff”—anyone who works directly for Musk—has up to $20,000.

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In addition, Musk is also putting new restrictions in place on the process of large-scale acquisition of things the company may need.

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