This year, MagasIn wanted to launch the campaign ‘Love her well, treat her well’ in the International Day against Violence against Women, in which the protagonists are men with notoriety and responsibilities. They send a message to their peers so that they love and treat women well.

Some of the protagonists of the Spanish news, its actors in the front line, give voice to the recommendation of quality in respect and love. From Minister Planas to Iñaki Gabilondo, from Miquel Roca to Antonio Garamendi, from the socialist presidents of Castilla la Mancha or Extremadura to the popular ones from Castilla y Leon or Murcia, fifty politicians, communicators or businessmen are participating in the campaign.

Education is the key

The approach of MagasIn, the women’s magazine of EL ESPAÑOL, is based on the fact that the safety and protection of women who suffer sexist violence are two basic pillars for the eradication of this social scourge. Also the penal system.

But the future, the end of violence, is in education and values. Peace, respect and good treatment will end inequality in couple relationships. For this, society cannot only burden women with all the work to end violence.

“They are the key,” says Cruz Sánchez de Lara, editor of MagasIN. “Dignified men who treat women as equals, who want them, love or desire them, or all at the same time, but always respect them, to the same extent that they are respected by them. Fortunately, these men are majority. And they are in charge of becoming models for their peers”.

The eradication of gender violence is not a short-term task. In fact, sometimes, measures are taken to reduce the numbers of victims, and these increase, while we observe astonished the most shameful spectacle of human barbarism.

It’s everyone’s job

According to MagasIN’s thesis, “the key is education.” For this reason, his writing has wanted to pay tribute to “those men who are an example for all children and boyswho are learning how human relations have to be”.

According to this MagasIN approach, “the battle against violence is everyone’s job: for them and for us. It is a shared path in which we must go hand in hand. The message in the mouth of a man is purged of the bias with which the deniers try to invest the discourse”.

Cruz Sánchez de Lara, already wrote a few years ago in EL ESPAÑOL: ‘In 2006, I met Rosalind B Penfold, when he came to Spain to present his book Quiéreme bien. You will still be able to find a copy. It was his abuse story, drawn on tissues, napkins, and toilet paper. He drew those cartoons when he locked himself up to cry, while he lived prey to a horrible story

“I never forgot the text of the last one, the one that symbolized freedom. She would leave her house with a suitcase and he, with a contorted face, almost pleading, blurted out: “You will never find a man who loves you more than I do…”, to which she, serene, replied: “I don’t want a man who loves me more. I want a man who loves me better!”.”

[Besen al “bientratador”]

It was true that it could be argued that in this message there is a symptom of an undeniable emotional dependence or codependency, because the protagonist seems not to conceive of life without a partner – after the situation of abuse.

Sánchez de Lara proposed as a solution to the possible confusion ‘add that quote from Elaine Maxwell, which thousands of ex-victims have repeated as a mantra: “My will will shape my future. If I fail or succeed, it will not be because of a man but because of me. I am the force; I can clear any obstacle before me or get lost in the maze. I decide; I am responsible; win or lose, only I have the key to my destiny”’.

“For this recovery of the independence and autonomy of women, we have to walk together with men,” insists MagasIN. “They represent 49% of the population and, even today, many of the institutions where decisions are made and organizations on which political agendas depend, have a large male presence.”

“In this work, we need the commitment of men just as we need the commitment of women. Polarization cannot divide society in search of dignity and respect in couple relationships”.

The campaign ends with a message from the President and Director of EL ESPAÑOL, Pedro J. Ramírez: “Respect is the basis of love.”

Source: Elespanol

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