Taking the “my dog ​​ate homework” excuse to another level, police in India blamed rats for the disappearance of a good bunch of marijuana.

According to the BBC, It was in a court in the state of Uttar Pradesh where it was accused that the rats were responsible for the fact that they no longer found 200 kilos of pot that they had protected. Such an amount was going to be used as evidence in a drug trafficking case.

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“Rats are tiny animals and they are not afraid of the police. It is difficult to protect the drug from them“, justified the police… and the judge in charge did not doubt the word of the authority, especially since there are precedents that support the version.

According to the judge handling the case, Sanjay Chaudhary, when he asked the police to present the seized drugs, they replied that the rats had destroyed 195 kilotes… nothing compared to another case in which rodents were blamed for having eaten “something” of 386 kilos of seized drugs.

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The police have little experience in handling cases of this type, the judge justified the police… is that the rats are “too small.” A possible solution to the problem and that people do not doubt the word of the police is that, once the merchandise is seized, it is auctioned and the profits go to the government coffers.

The judge’s “solution” is very convenient… taking into consideration that, apparently, the rats that hang around police stations have a predilection for items that can be sold at a good price. For example, in Bihar, in 2017, it was accused that the rodents sucked liters of alcohol… just when the State prohibited its sale and consumption.

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But not only in India have they ventured to blame rats for the mysterious disappearance of quantities of weed that not even Snoop Dogg would smoke so quickly (and without anyone noticing). For example, In Argentina, in 2018, a group of police officers assured that Micky Mouse’s relatives were in charge of disappearing half a ton of cannabis…

“Yeah, of course,” the superiors of the Argentine cops said… and, being less credulous than those in India, they proceeded to fire the uniformed officers. “If a large group of mice had eaten it, many corpses would have been found in the warehouse.“said experts.

Believe it or not, researchers have already had the question of what happens when rats eat the one that makes you laugh… and well, with a study carried out in 2019, it was found that what happens to them is far from causing stoned giggles: lat body temperature is reduced and its activity is significantly reduced.

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