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Pictures of strangers in iCloud, this is the new problem that is haunting the application for computers with Windows 11 of the Apple storage service.

Imagine going through the vacation photos you’ve taken with your family when suddenly you find images of complete strangers in your gallery. Where have they come from? Who are they? Why are they there? A huge number of questions arise and they all have the same answer: iCloud has messed it up.

Service storage in the cloud Apple recently launched its application for computers with Microsoft’s Windows operating system. The iCloud application reached computers with Windows 11, this moment was a complete celebration for those people with a iphone and a laptop or desktop with windows.

Being able to view, upload, and download photos and files to iCloud from a native iCloud app Windows 11 it is something that many people have been waiting for a long time. But the experience they are having is not adequate since, Among your photographs and videos, content from other people has been found.

This error poses a serious problem for the security of Apple users. In fact, allowing outsiders to see personal photos is a violation of users’ privacy that could cause serious problems for Manzana. But how was this situation discovered?

Pictures of complete strangers have started showing up on iCloud

The news has come to light thanks to a user who has published in the forum of iCloud which has encountered issues within the Windows 11 app. Upon publication A good number of people have found themselves in a similar situation. and which MacRumors has picked up.

This situation would have occurred due to a bug in iCloud. What would be happening is that when recording a short video with HDR together with the HEVC codec on an iPhone 14 Pro Max, its subsequent upload to iCloud for synchronization would not be adequate. This video would be corrupted when downloaded from Photos folder in Windows 11 storage.

But this would only be the beginning of the problem. In fact, Apart from these corrupted videos, what happens is that photographs of unknown people appear. Users say they have seen images of families, children, adults and any normal content that is uploaded to iCloud and then enjoy these memories.

The worst thing about this situation is that it seems that uninstalling the Windows 11 application from the computer does not solve anything at all. The problem has not been found yet, although everything indicates that it is within the iCloud servers. At the moment we have to wait for Apple to solve this situation.


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