Prosecutor Gerardo Pollicita asked to take an investigative statement from the founders of the extreme right-wing group Revolución Federal, Jonathan Morel and Leonardo Sosa, this time for threats and incitement to collective violence, and the second also for resisting authority. Until now they had been prosecuted by Judge Marcelo Martínez de Giorgi for the crime that punishes those who organize or are part of groups that seek to “impose their ideas or fight those of others by force or fear.” What happens is that the prosecution incorporated into the investigation other attacks and actions against: Buenos Aires legislators from the Frente de Todos Claudia Neira and Maia Daer; the journalist Víctor Hugo Morales and the C5N channel; the head of the Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism (Inadi), Victoria Donda; and the demonstrators who were going to support Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in the vicinity of her home in Recoleta. The prosecutor’s office and the court have already indicated that the acts and speeches of violence carried out by this neo-Nazi group collaborated with a climate that had its maximum expression in the attempted assassination of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

The role of Morel and Sosa

“The activity described in relation to Sosa and Morel must be contextualized in that of the group that they organized with the primary objective, although not the only one, that ‘Kirchnerists are afraid of being Kirchnerists´, fighting the political ideas of certain leaders, mainly the political collation Frente de Todos”, says the opinion of Pollicita to which he agreed Page 12. It clarifies that the indicated victims “saw their peace of mind and freedom affected.”

The most serious crime, that of incitement to violence, provides for three to eight years in prison (inciting others to commit intentional crimes through the use of violence against third parties); The threat term foresees from six months to two years in prison, anyone who “made use of threats with the purpose of alarming or intimidating one or more people.” In the activity of the Federal Revolution, as it is known, the expressions are combined, especially by Morel and other participants, in live chats on Twitter Spaces where up to 2,000 people were connected, but also with their violent protests in the street. In fact, in their talks all the time they are called to “take action”.

According to Pollicita, both Morel and Sosa had specific behaviors that “altered the tranquility of society, generating the deployment of intelligence agencies and security reinforcements for officials” and files had been initiated that accumulated. Regarding Morel, he remembers some of his repeated expressions encouraging persecution, hatred and violence such as “we are going to persecute them, they are going to be afraid to go out into the street. Theft and corruption in Argentina are going to stop being free, The good way or the bad way….!” As this newspaper revealed, all the conversations on social networks in August, the month prior to the attack, are full of phrases such as “we must kill them”, alluding to the vice president, President Alberto Fernández, Máximo Kirchner, other leaders and the protesters. that gave support to CFK. The members of Revolución Federal, says the opinion, acted with “knowledge and will.” The warning “we are going to set them on fire” is also reiterated, reinforced by the symbol they use, that of a torch. Meanwhile, investigators continue to work on the financial lead linked to Caputo Brothers.

The new facts under the magnifying glass

* Threats to the Buenos Aires legislators of the Frente de Todos last July 4, Claudia Neira and Maia Daer. It was near the Casa Rosada, when Silvina Batakis was sworn in as Minister of Economy. Morel was in the group that yelled at them: “thieves”, “daughters of bitches” “Why don’t you leave the country, whores, fucking whores?” “Why don’t you go with Cristina?” “Shorras, daughters of bitches, garcas, we are going to set them on fire, one by one,” Morel particularly shouted. Daer also recounted that someone spat on her. They were also filmed. Morel identified them as Kirchnerists. Daer said that “knowing that they have identified us scared me.” There are films and videos of the City. Witnesses recounted that “they were taken out, everyone who came out of the Casa Rosada was chased away, insulted, spit on, and hit them with the sign they were holding.”

*Incitement to collective violence by Morel against the journalist Víctor Hugo Morales and the C5N channel, on August 19 of this year from the transmission by Twitter Spaces that the Federal Revolution called “They do not reach December”. Morel showed a section of a program where Victor Hugo was and began to insult and threaten him and the channel. “This old son of a bitch is talking. What is his name, the one who reported the departure of the flight for the vaccines? The hunger for power, let’s see what this son of a bitch says…” Then Morel does a kind of staging scene, where Victor Hugo is heard and Morel responds to him. At one point he says: “I would screw him up to the point of disfiguring his face, that… old asshole.” “I would set C5n on fire. And I was grateful that we are sixty, if we are two hundred, but they disappear, one by one they disappear.” “Now they are terrified, when you tell them you hate them”, he licked his lips.

*On August 22, in the middle of a fight caused by a provocation of the Federal Revolution against people who were going to support Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Leonardo Sosa struggled with a policeman who wanted to stop him when he tried to throw pieces of billboards at the protesters and , according to the agent, punched him. Morel was there too, but he stepped aside.

* The threats to Victoria Donda, the head of the Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism, which Morel made in the vicinity of Quinta de Olivos on August 25 in a demonstration. She filmed herself on Instagram saying: “Wonda you are going to have the same fate as your old motherfuckers, you are going to ring the bell at San Pedro before Donda, your shell.” The video had 3,400 views. Donda stated that she was frightened, that part of her fear was that someone in the group would attack her or her family, and that Morel is also linked to people “determined to commit any type of crime.”

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