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“The day I die you don’t have to cry, they have to dance and sing. Have a street party. Because I did what I wanted, said what I wanted, and fought with everything, as I wanted”. The words of Hebe de Bonafini, flat and precise, as always, resonate after his death, on Sunday, at the age of 93. In this spirit –the celebration of the struggle, despite the sadness–, the natural space in which the farewell to the historical referent of Mothers will take place will be that Plaza de Mayo in which she spoke every Thursday, in every March. Never missing: when the pandemic did not allow it, virtually, but always referring there.

This Thursday will be the march number 2328 of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Association, starting at 3:30 p.m., as always. The Mothers will take the floor: Loyola visitationwho with his 98 years also continues to attend each march. Josefa de Fiore, 91. Carmen Arias, 81. Irene de Chuequewhich came from Mar del Plata. sara mradfrom Tucuman. And he will also speak Demetrius Iramainanother historical militant of the Association, the speaker every Thursday before Hebe until now, and before the rest of the Mothers on this occasion.

How do I want to be remembered? Like a mother who fought for the lives of 30,000 children. a common woman, who washes, irons and cooks. Nothing special. I don’t want them to turn me into something else”, Hebe also requested. This will be the case this Thursday, in a call that is expected to be massive, after a first spontaneous mobilization to the Plaza that took place on the same Sunday, under the rain, when it was known the news of the death. Hebe will continue to be present in that Plaza where, she also expressly requested, her ashes will be scattered.

“Hebe must always be remembered from joy, from the fight but without losing sight of what she always stressed: that you have to be happy in that fight, and you have to spread that happiness,” Iramain tells Page 12. “That’s how she was, and that’s how we will remember her: always thinking about what new madness she is going to carry out to fulfill her political objectives.” The militant of Mothers remembers the last place in Hebe, the one on November 10, which she attended after a first hospitalization. “The doctors let me come because they know how much I need the Plaza,” Hebe said then.

“There she proposed to make a pueblada, on December 19 and 20, against the lawfare judges. This challenge is one of those that remained pending. It is our task to mobilize to be able to build another judicial power, to prevent them from carrying out what is a plan drawn up: to ban and imprison Cristina, to deprive the people of realizing the hope that things will be better again”, Iramain resumes Hebe’s words.

In the same spirit of this call, that of a loving and celebratory farewell, another meeting is being prepared in the Nuestros Hijos Cultural Space, the space for art and culture that the Mothers carry out in the former ESMA. There will take place this Sunday, November 27, as it was prepared for months, the Festival for boys and girls María Elena Walsh.

“‘The fight is forever,’ Hebe taught us. With this powerful legacy we will continue to raise the white handkerchief as a flag of victory and hope. Sustaining the dream of the Mothers: to transform the main clandestine detention, torture and death center into a space of love and life, as Hebe dreamed of it”, expressed Veronica Parodidirector of the ECuNHi.

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