The rivalry between Mexico Y Argentina she’s getting pretty rude in the days leading up to her clash in the group stage of the World Cup in Qatar 2022. However, the intensity originating in soccer is leaving the field and a series of videos shows clashes between fans who are in the streets of the Arab country.

And we saw the recording of a pitched fight in Dohabut now the controversy arises over a song.

Fight between Mexican and Argentine fans in Qatar
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It turns out that a chant from the Mexican fans is heating up the spirits with Argentina because It touches on a rather delicate subject in the history of Albiceleste: the Malvinas Islands.

“English is spoken in the Malvinas”

“And now they see it, and now they see it”some Mexican fans begin to sing in chorus. “In the Malvinas they speak English”.

A video of this song —taken on a truck in Qatar— It begins to go viral because a fan from Argentina approaches the Mexicans to try to silence them. “I allow you all, but not that one,” he claims. The video has more than 800 thousand reproductions after a South American medium uploaded it to Twitter. See it:

The thing is that the reactions in Argentina they have become tremendous to this delicate song of the fans of Mexico.

One tour of Twitter and you find quite a few tremendous responses. “They lost half their territory to the United States.”some mock. “Not a bit of respect”Other Argentines think on Twitter. “In the Falklands they died young, there are limits”they mention.

And well, you can imagine all kinds of colorful comments that appear after this controversial song by the Mexicans. “On Saturday you have to score 85 goals for them”says an Argentine who already has more than 15 thousand likes.

A quick overview of the Falklands

The Falkland Islandseither Falkland Islandsdepending on who you ask, they are disputed territory off the coast of Argentina.

They have been in fights since the 1500s when both France, Spain and the United Kingdom claimed responsibility for its discovery and with it, its ownership. Centuries later —already when the independence movements arrived—, also Argentina said that the Malvinas Islands are theirs.

British troops arrive on the Malvinas Island
British troops arrive on the Malvinas Island / Photo: Getty Images

as the years went by United Kingdom settled in the islands and at the same time Argentina considered that they were “occupied by invaders.”

The conflict escalated in the years of 1980.

In those times it was unleashed a war for control of the Falkland Islands. There were sunken ships, besieged ports and all kinds of frontal attacks. it would be over when Argentina surrenderedbut not before suffering the death of 650 young Argentines and more than 250 British.

Since then the territory of the Falkland Islands are still in conflict… but now diplomatic. The UN says they are a territory administered by the United Kingdombut Argentina still claims its sovereignty.

In 2013 there was a controversial referendum in which the 98% of the island’s inhabitants —where practically all are European migrants since there is no native population in the Malvinas— they voted for remain part of the UK. The albicelestes claimed that they were “implanted”, so they don’t recognize the results.

And finally, don’t hit me, but in the Falkland Islands, English is spoken.

It is estimated that close to 90% of the 3,000 people who live on the island speak English although there are people of 49 different nationalities. Curiously, due to their distance from Europe and their contact with South America, they have a different accent.

Source: Ofeminin

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