“The Government’s proposal is going to punish the concealment of the body with the derisory sentence of six months to two years,” laments Juan Carlos Quer: “For the dignity of the victims who leave the Penal Code as it is”

Juan Carlos Quer, father of Diana Quer.EFE
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The judgment against Enrique Abún, the gum, for raping his sister-in-law when she was 17 years old, he was seen yesterday for sentencing. He did so the same day in Congress, approving the processing of the bill that reforms sedition and also includes the inclusion in the penal code of the crime of concealment of the corpse, a measure claimed by the relatives of victims such as Marta Calvo, Marta del Castillo or Diana Quer. It should be remembered that Abun was sentenced to reviewable permanent prison (PPR) for the murder of Diana, whose body was found in a well 500 days after her disappearance.

A Juan Carlos Quer, Diana’s father, who has attended the three sessions that the trial has lasted, and the families who have not been able to recover the body of their loved one do not think the reform is enough. The Government’s proposal will punish the concealment of a victim’s body with the derisory sentence of six months to two years, more or less what it means to mistreat a pet. So, for the dignity of the victims, at least for the dignity of my daughter and that of the parents of other disappeared victims, they should not include anything in the Criminal Code, they should leave it as it is, Quería said. THE WORLD hours before approval in Congress.

“Save lifes”

Quer and the rest of the affected families asked (and ask) that the concealment of the corpse in a crime be punished with PPR. It is the only proposal that will save lives, that will prevent new bodies of disappeared victims and impunity for repeat murderers and rapists, he believes. The concealment of the corpse must be punished accordingly, because our children are not pets.

Regarding Abun’s new trial – the third, since in addition to Diana Quer he was sentenced to five years for the attempted kidnapping and sexual assault of another girl in 2017 – Diana’s father trusts in a sentence: Justice will be done as it cannot be otherwise. This guy will have left three victims on his blacklist, but there won’t be any more, at least while I’m healthy, I’ll try to prevent this sexual predator from attacking other girls again.

The facts that have been judged date back to January 17, 2005. The alleged victim filed a complaint, but the case was filed for lack of evidence. It reopened 13 years later, in 2018, after the murder of Diana Quer. According to the account of Vanesa, the twin sister of Abun’s ex-wife, he picked her up in her car to supposedly take her to the institute, took her to a place away from her and threatened her with a knife. Several of Vanessa’s relatives have testified in court that she told them that she had been raped, visibly affected. She would not stop crying, shaking and hugging me, one of her friends recounted. The Prosecutor’s Office requests 15 years in prison while the defense requests free acquittal by not giving credibility to the victim and ensuring that the case was opened for the Diana Quer case.

After the trial, Juan Carlos Quer points to the ex-wife of the gum. She laments that she is not also judged. Unfortunately, Diana, Vanesa and Tania will not see a necessary cooperator sitting on the bench so that all these crimes could have been committed. Literally, the “sister, I believe you” did not work here, she says, referring to the fact that the ex-wife of El Chicle did not believe the accusation of her twin. She was the cause of the case being archived and justice arriving 17 years late. In those 17 years this individual caught Diana when she had to be in prison

In the case of his daughter, he adds, the ex-wife gave an alibi to the gum, preventing him from being arrested after the disappearance: The cover he gave him, placing him in his house, could not be disarmed until Diana appeared in a well. That is why he asks to reform the article 454 of the Criminal Code, which exempts from criminal responsibility those who cover up a family member.

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