“The high cost of living and the suspension of development aid are the price to pay for our independence. Real autonomy takes time. This is why I ask the various unions, including the AEEM, to be patient with their grievances. We made the choice of independence and this choice requires sacrifices, patience and endurance. Hunger is the cost to pay for this fight that we will carry out at the very cost of our blood”. These remarks by Mohamed Ousmane Ag Mohamedoune, president of the Alliance for the Refoundation of Mali (AREMA), no less a member of the National Council of the Transition (CNT) made the rounds on social networks, last weekend. The words are strong, very strong! Not just that ! They are full of meaning. Mohamed Ousmane Ag Mohamedoune asks the people of Mali to accept hunger as the price to pay to ensure “independence”.

In 2012, this character who fired any wood, was among the children fed and educated by Mali, who ransacked and ransacked the Republic by selling illusions of independence of the imaginary republic of Azawad under the banner of the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA). This movement which betrayed in the open, through the barbaric and cowardly attacks of military garrisons and opened the doors of the big cities of Mali to armed Islamist groups. Individuals, like the president of AREMA, are totally disqualified from giving lessons in patriotism in this country. Under other skies, it would have been forever silent.

Mohamed Ousmane Ag Mohamedoune now enjoys the privileges of a deputy elected by popular vote. A mandate that Goundam voters refused him in the 2020 legislative elections when he was a candidate on the CODEM-GAD alliance list. This individual, who benefits from the advantages that the people had refused him, is in no position today to call on the populations and the unions to be patient and to accept hunger. Why ? Because Mohamed Ousmane Ag Mohamedoune has not given up his privileges. Nor did he ask his CNT colleagues to give up some of their benefits. Moreover, he did not call on any authority of the transition to review its privileges. Worse, at a time when this former member of the MNLA calls on the people for more endurance and patience, the budgets of certain institutions such as the Presidency of the Republic and the CNT are increasing. At the same time, the domestic debt weighs down economic activity with drastic consequences for small and medium-sized businesses.

The President of the Transition, the Prime Minister, the members of the government, the presidents of the institutions, the members of the CNT continue to benefit from the same privileges as if we were in a normal situation. Mohamed Ousmane Ag Mohamedoune calls on the people and the unions to accept the sacrifice, something that should start with the authorities of the transition.

In a context of global crisis, the authorities of the transition should adopt an austerity policy with a drastic reduction in the budgets of the institutions. From the first hours of the coup that overthrew the regime of the late Ibrahim Boubacar Kéïta, the example should be shown by the first authorities of the country. Having missed this opportunity, our authorities could seize the opportunity given by ECOWAS through the sanctions taken against Mali to make more sacrifices. But nothing helped! The populace suffers while some take advantage of public resources. Which is contrary to the fight for change. Populations are the turkey of the farce.

“You can fool some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time,” said Abraham Lincoln.

By Chiaka Doumbia

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