Oops, one thinking that the march next Sunday, November 27, will be his “Last Dance” by AMLO… and it turns out that it could rather be a KISS or Bronco-type farewell.


Although it is somewhat strange that the power calls for a march, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) He left open the possibility of not limiting himself to what will happen on November 27. Will there be more marches in the remainder of the six-year term?… will he position himself as an opposition again after his term?

Who knows: everything left in the ambiguous “We don’t know what fate has in store for us.”

During the morning conference yesterday, November 23, AMLO assured that It has the support of the people… however, that is not a guarantee of anything. Nothing about maintaining his transformation and nothing about the return of his adversaries to power.

distintos asistentes a la marcha del millon se colocaron mascaras del presidente y expresidentes de
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A government for minorities is not a guarantee of peace and tranquility, they can temporarily remain in power, that is a lesson”, he warned. “It is that a democratic government can only be successful if it works for the people and in correspondence the people support it because, if not, they do not resist”he added… then, for all this, he will have to march next Sunday (and who knows if he will do it again in the future).

AMLO clarified that, after his march on Sunday, a report will not be made as planned. What he will do, then, after marching from the Angel of Independence to the Zócalo of CDMX will be “A celebration”.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador elections 2018
Andres Manuel López Obrador AMLO prepares celebration in the Zócalo

Although a reporter told him that “out there” it is said that around a million people will march with him, the president preferred not to make a forecast. What he did do was rule out carry. It will be voluntary that people go, according to. “People decide whether or not to go, it’s not: ‘You have to go, I’m going to call you list,’ that is, all those methods of hauling.”

According to AMLO, it will be in the next few hours when the details of the march will be reported. Especially regarding the logistics that will be necessary to organize all the contingents that are expected.

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We are going to find a way to do it by state (…) migrant brothers are going to arrive, who are very happy (…) we have to find a way to do it by state, by contingent and if not, as you say, we will not be able to to walk”.

Lots of organization. We must not forget that, so far, another march planned for that day has not given up on its idea: the one from FRENAA… the one from Marea Verde preferred not to have free fights and did change its date.

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