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José Luis Martínez-Almeida, mayor of Madrid, has asked this Thursday “not victimize” to Irene Montero, Minister of Equality, because despite not sharing Vox’s attacks against her in the Congress of Deputies, she has added that “who sows winds, reaps storms.”

“Whoever sows winds collects storms. I do not share what the Vox deputy said, but it is an explanation that violence in politics originates in the appearance of Podemos, and of that I have no doubt”, he has transferred to the media from CentroCentro.

It was yesterday when the Vox deputy, Carla Toscana, caused an important discussion in the Plenary Session of Congress after stating that the only merit of Irene Montero is “have studied in depth Pablo Iglesias”, former vice president of the coalition government.

Almeida: “Irene Montero is a disaster as a minister”

Almeida has defended that he has always condemned these terms in Congress, as well as “what happened when (the former vice president of the Government) Pablo Iglesias told (the delegate of Culture) Andrea Levy that there was an office of a deputy and that could go with himor that Irene Montero in a tweet said that Felipe VI would not be King because they would arrive with the guillotine, or when there have been episodes of violence protected by Podemos”.

On this point, the mayor of Madrid has indicated that he is referring to “the escraches that are in mind or when they legitimize the commission of crimes like that of Andrés Bódalo at the time”, something that “for them (Podemos) was still an affront to Justice”.

A Vox deputy to Irene Montero: “The only merit you have is having studied Pablo Iglesias in depth”

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“This does not mean that it justifies what Vox did yesterday because I don’t share it I do not share that this should be parliamentary language, that private life is part of the debate, and I do not share that allusion,” he added.

Although he has accused Montero of “being a disaster as a minister, with a management disaster” and believes that “victimizing her is not the shortest way to tell society that we do not deserve to be a minister of Spain who encouraged escraches, used insults, denigrated the adversary”.

A Vox deputy to Irene Montero: “His only merit is having studied Iglesias in depth”

“I conclude by saying that this does not have to divert us from what is important. Irene Montero she is not an unprotected womanshe is not a helpless woman, but revictimized women are unprotected because perpetrators against their sexual freedom are on the street thanks to Irene Montero’s law, a crazy law, a legal nonsense that she was warned about,” she concluded.

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