1- He was born in Tanzania and his real name was Farrokn Bulsara

Freddie Mercury was born under the name of farrokh bulsara in Stone Town, a town that is located in the old part of the Zanzibar Citycapital of the archipelago, in Tanzania. His family moved there so his father could continue his career at the British Colonial Office. Until they moved to Middlesex, England, when I was a teenager.

The Bulsara were Parsi and practiced Zoroastrianism, one of the oldest and monotheistic religions in the world. In fact, Freddie’s funeral was conducted by a priest belonging to this regime.

Farrokh Bulsara started calling himself Freddie when he was at St. Peter’s, a boarding school for boys near Mumbai, the capital of the federal state of Maharashtra, in India. Legally changed his name to Freddy Mercury around 1970, when it was formed What in.

2- He was an important stamp collector

When I was a teenager, Mercury collected stamps from Zanzibar, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Monaco. His childhood stamp collecting album is one of the few possessions that Freddie’s family kept after his death.

The British Postal Museum acquired it in 1993 and sometimes lends it out for exhibitions, like a 2016 Stampex show that also included the stamps that John Lennon I collected (and doodled) as a child.

3- Princess Diana, her great friend

He was one of the greatest rock leaders of all time and she was the queen of hearts, the People’s Princess. Although there are various anecdotes of the meetings they have had, it is said that they once spent the night at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, a legendary gay bar in south London where they set out to earn their way under the radar.

Mercury, actress Cleo Rocos and comedian Kenny Everett tohelped Diana Spencer dress in a military jacket, cap and sunglasses to look masculine and you might try to keep a low profile during your night out.

Those closest to them say that the real fun happened before they went to the bar: Mercury and Diana apparently spent the afternoon watching The Golden Girls during hours.

4- Mercury designed the Queen logo

It seems that that one Diploma in Art and Graphic Design from Ealing Art College It came in handy as Freddie took over designing the Queen logo, after John Deacon completed the lineup with Brian May and Roger Taylor in July 1971.

“I just combined all the creatures that represent our zodiac signs, two lions for Leo, John and Roger; a crab for Cancer, Brian; and two fairies for Virgo, Freddie… and I don’t even believe in astrology!”

The “Q” and the crown represent the name of the band, of course, and a phoenix that protects everything.

5- When Darth Vader took the Queen stage in Houston

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the George Lucas-created movie Star Wars was at its peak. For concert encores, Mercury returned to the stage on the shoulders of the villain of the saga, Darth Vader.

Legs wrapped around the black case, the star belted out “We Will Rock You.” The photograph of this couple, taken by Tom Callins, became a symbol of the act.

6- The supergroup that was not together with Elton John and Rod Stewart

The story goes that one night of drinks, Rod Stewart, Elton John and myself, Freddie, fantasized about forming a band they were going to call “Hair, Nose And Teeth” (Hair, nose and teeth).

“That night over our wine we said, ‘Yeah, let’s do it,’ but the next day when we were sober, Elton said, ‘I’m not going to sing with Rod,’ and Rod then said, ‘I’m not going to sing with Freddie,’ and in In the middle of the silence I added, ‘Well, I’m not going to sing with Elton!’” Mercury recalled in an interview.

Also, they played as a female alter ego when they got together: Elton John was Sharon, Rod Stewart was Phyllis, and Freddie himself called himself Melina..

Elton John received a painting of Mercury after his death, with a card that read: “Dear Sharon, I saw this at auction and thought you would love it. I love you Melina.” The painting remains one of John’s most prized possessions.

Freddie with Elton John, superlative British rock stars.

7- From rock to opera

For those who connected with the musical star, not surprisingly, Freddie Mercury appreciated opera; after all, Queen’s fourth album was called A Night at the Opera (A Night at the Opera).

But what is surprising is that not only was he able to carry out the genre, but he co-wrote the song “Barcelona” and sang it together with Montserrat Caballé.

Mercury was able to sing in his natural baritone vocal range, something he rarely did and both released the song as a single in 1987, reaching number 8 in the UK charts, but it was ranked #2 again around the time of the 1992 Olympics.

8- Queen at Live Aid

It is impossible to leave out this chapter of Queen’s life where Mercury in particular, gave one of the most iconic rock performances of all time.

A masterful Freddie commanded the huge audience at Wembley in 1985 like a conductor and the crowd was under his spell. The billion people who watched it all over the world They enjoyed an unforgettable show where number 1 gave the great performance of his life.

9- HIV positive

Although Freddie was diagnosed with HIV in 1987, he did everything possible to keep the disease a secret. While fans and the media were forced to speculate, only her partner, Jim Hutton, her eternal love and friend, Mary Austin, and the members of Queen knew the truth.

Mercury continued to work and record with Queen until June 1991, but in November he saw that the end was near and On November 23 of that same year, the singer broke his silence by issuing a press release stating that he had not only contracted HIV but was now battling AIDS. Freddie Mercury would die the next day.

10- The heiress, his ex-girlfriend and great friend, Mary Austin

The pairing of Mary Austin and Freddie Mercury may have only lasted a few years, but their friendship remained intact until the end. Although Mercury had proposed to Austin, heThe relationship came to an end when the singer accepted his sexuality.

when separated, Freddie bought Mary a luxurious apartment, very close to her house and later became the godfather of her first child. Mary Austin received 50% of her wealth and future earnings at her death.

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