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Much has been said and written about the importance of choosing the right bra. This piece of clothing usually accompanies us every day and should not only be pretty, but above all comfortable and well-fitting. Buying a bra “by eye” is a serious sin committed not only against our breasts. In addition to them, our health may also suffer.

You know it? You walk into a lingerie store, reach for the bra that caught your eye, then search for your size and follow it to the checkout. Or you buy underwear online, suggesting the size provided by the manufacturer. Meanwhile, to have a chance to choose the right bra, it is good to try it on. Cups that are too big or too small, loose bands, tight straps or underwire sticking in, will not only not look good on the body, but will also be harmful to our health.

This can happen when you wear the wrong bra

Too loose bra circumference

A loose bra girth means that it does not support the breasts properly, so their weight rests on the straps. Tight shoulder straps can put pressure on nerves and blood vessels, contributing to migraines. Inadequately supported breasts strain the ligaments and muscles, which results in the feeling of tension in the area of ​​​​the neck, ribs and under the shoulder blade. If, in addition, the breasts are abundant, their insufficient support affects the wrong body posture, forcing the back to round.

Lack of good breast support can also contribute to the formation of painful shoulder syndrome, accompanied by severe pain and impaired mobility in the shoulder joint. There is one more thing that speaks against a bra that is too loose. It can slide over the skin, causing painful abrasions.

Too tight a circuit

A bra that is too tight not only causes discomfort, but also puts pressure on the chest and diaphragm, making it difficult to breathe properly. It also exerts pressure on the lymph nodes, disturbing the lymph flow in this area and causing the accumulation of toxins. It can also have a bad effect on the work of the stomach, contributing to problems with indigestion or heartburn. In turn, strong pressure on the skin, especially by digging underwires, can cause bruises.

Too small cups

Too small bra cups affect the deformation of the breasts, which has a bad effect on their appearance. In addition, they cause micro-injuries, which can lead to disturbing changes in the breast tissue, e.g. cysts.

Too big bra cups

On the other hand, bra cups that are too large can dig into the armpit, rub the skin during movement and cause painful irritation.

This is why you should never buy a bra “by eye”. To take care of the beautiful appearance and good condition of the breasts, it is worth taking advantage of the advice of a professional bra fitter at least once. A specialist will tell you how to choose a bra that is comfortable and healthy.

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