They say out there that a Mexican cannot receive a “no” for an answer, ever. Suddenly cases appear that show us this part of not giving up in the face of adversity that exists in our culture. Although yes, there are those who do go too far and force it quite low. Such is the case of a saleswoman who was caught enlarging a pair of tennis shoes so as not to lose customers… just as they read it.

Through social networks, this story began to go viral, surprising locals and strangers. It turns out that a TikTok user named @ronaldph30 shared a video on that platform that left many with a square eye. In it you can see a woman in a tennis position that is allegedly located in Mexico. Until then everything was normal, but things got out of control because He did something that, believe it or not, is more common than it seems.

They catch a saleswoman enlarging some tennis shoes and it goes viral
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This saleswoman was caught in the move enlarging some tennis shoes

It turns out that in the clip we can see that the saleswoman is hiding just behind a door putting together a trick That all those who have been in a street market or market probably know, especially if they are in charge of selling footwear and suddenly they no longer have the size that the clientele is asking for.

With the help of what appears to be a stick of broom, the woman makes a pair of sneakers bigger. How? Well, very easy, putting said stick inside the pair to “enlarge” them with his strength and thus convince the person who asked him for the shoes to buy them because now “they are his size”… yes, it is not joke. Next we leave you the video so that you can check this strange case with your own eyes.

As we mentioned before, the story of this woman enlarging the tennis shoes with this ancient technique quickly went viral on TikTok, although it also reached other social networks. What if, as expected, many could not believe what they were seeing –Well, surely they already applied them buying on the street– and others remembered that this is an old hack that is part of the Mexican culture.

How do you see it? The next time you buy a pair of tennis shoes in the tianguis or market, check the size very wellBecause they may want to sell you a pig in a poke…

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