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The map of the “The most uniquely popular word on all Wikipedia pages”.

What other words stand out?

In the case of Chile, the most searched word is copper and in Uruguay, legalize. In Brazil he is a producer and in Paraguay, a Jesuit. On the map, for Venezuela the most popular word is scarcity and in the case of Bolivia, department.

According to what some users point out, there does not seem to be any logic between the words that appear in the map or information about how the most searched word is calculated: “This is interesting, but I really don’t understand it.”

The map shared on Reddit contains only one particular clarification: “Each country’s wikipedia page is full of important information detailing the nation’s economy, culture, and geography” and adds: “The most uniquely popular word in the The Ivory Coast page, for example, is cocoa, the country’s main export.In Finland, the most uniquely popular word is sauna, a mainstay of Finnish culture, where between 60% and 90% of the Finnish population has sauna once a week.

Among the most outstanding and strange words are surgery in Thailand; native or native in the United States, mosquito in Nicaragua, nuclear in Pakistan and revolution in Iran.

Maps are a widely used tool on this website, reaching thousands of users almost immediately. Examples of this are the maps that appear under the most popular words on wikipedia: Countries that were bombed by the United States or the one of Where “conversion therapy” is still legal.


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