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With the arrival of the first heat of the season, the desire to practice physical activity in some of its forms grows. To the exercises in the gyms and in the open air, we add the swimming pools, which begin to have their greatest splendor at this time.

Bare feet, saturated changing rooms and sports and recreational facilities are the ideal breeding ground for the proliferation of mushrooms. The combination of these factors (exercise + heat) causes the most typical consultations in summer to increase considerably: the proliferation of foot funguspopularly known as athlete’s foot.

What is this condition that many people suffer from? And what is the best treatment?

Symptoms and treatment of foot fungus

The main uncomfortable symptoms of this condition are: bad smell, burning, itching, redness and flaking, especially between the toes. The latter, if not treated in time and correctly, can spread to the sides or soles, even affecting the nails.

These foot fungus, called dermatophytes, grow and multiply in warm and humid environments. They are extremely contagious, the mere fact of using the same common facilities as a person who suffers from it (locker rooms, gyms or common areas of clubs), implies that we are exposed to suffering from it at any time. The risk can increase if we share the towel, clothes or slippers.

In addition, reusing wet and dirty socks, the use of tight or poorly ventilated shoes, as well as wet slippers, can also favor this type of infection. However, they are mostly mild and heal quickly using creams antifungal for topical use (on the skin).

An example of this type of cream is Piecidex, which contains Terbinafine, the only over-the-counter antifungal that works four times faster than others. Piecidex has a complete portfolio (cream, powder and spray) and an exclusive formula (Sec Rapid) with a talc effect that dries instantly, leaving the foot ready to put on.

What are the key recommendations to prevent athlete’s foot?

  • Wash your feet daily
  • Do not wear synthetic or very tight shoes
  • Wash shoes regularly
  • Avoid sharing shoes to prevent contagion
  • Wear clean, dry natural fiber socks
  • Do not walk barefoot, especially in common areas or spaces of gyms, swimming pools or changing rooms
  • Ventilate the footwear and if possible not use the same one two days in a row

You can find more information about fungi, prevention and treatment at this link.


Piecidex for athlete’s foot, with Terbinafine vs. Clotrimazole and Miconazole is available over the counter. It is recommended to read the leaflet carefully and if in doubt, consult your doctor and/or pharmacist.

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