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The Andor showrunner talked in detail about how he plans to expand the story in the second season.

The first season of Andor came to an end this week and the show’s showrunner, Tony Gilroy, explained to ew all the details about at what point in the story we will be able to see Cassian (Diego Luna) at the beginning of season 2

Yes ok Gilroy, He did not want to go into many details, adding that canonically the program will end in Yavin where Cassian will go and be there “to be the guy who gives his life”. Likewise, he confirmed that there will be a four-year time jump.

“We spent 12 episodes and the better part of a year taking him from utter disappointment, self-interest to the worst day of his life and basically putting him through the seasons of revolution.

What he says at the end is true. That’s really a blood oath, that’s what he’s doing. I don’t think that question is in doubt. I don’t think that will be a problem in the future. He’s really into it, so we’ll be juggling four years in the second half. Now he has to become a leader. And what does that mean?”

Tony Gilroy, Entertainment Weekly

Even though the fate of one’s own Andor is already well known to those who have seen Rogue One, it remains to be seen how the time jump will affect other characters within the cast of the show, such as Mon Mothma (Genevieve O’Reilly) and Luthen Rael (Stellan Skarsgard).

Will there be new characters?

Although Gilroy did not delve into whether we will see characters from the Rebellion, What Dance Organa (Jimmy Smits), the showrunner did confirm what was the fate of kino loy (Andy Serkis ), assuring that he survived Narkina 5. “He does not die. I don’t know. We don’t see him die.”. However, she clarified that this doesn’t mean we’ll see him later in the story.

The creator also highlighted some of the questions that he will be able to solve this season and how Cassian will face them. “How do you collaborate when paranoia and secrecy are your product? How do you climb? How do you join forces? And how does the empire exploit those differences? What are the effects of time on these people?” added the showrunner. “And then obviously within that, we’re going to try to tell a really heartbreaking thread, a really good adventure story. And we’re going to try to have all the relationships and all the love and all the betrayal and everything else. But yes, he’s in, he’s compromised. So now it’s what do you do with it?

The comments of Gilroy suggest that while the first season of Andor narrated the birth of the rebellious spirit of Andor, the second will see him much more committed and he will experience the fight against Empire Galactic. Therefore, despite how dark and intense the first part was, season 2 will surely be much more exciting.


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