At the beginning of next year, the film adaptation of “Pokusy”, Edyta Folwarska’s book, directed by Maria Sadowska, will appear in cinemas. In the film, which, according to the creators, is to be part of the ongoing social revolution, there will be scenes of true love, lust, but also those that will reveal the secrets of the world of celebrities exploitation and bullying. On the set, I became convinced that in this respect there was no such production in Poland yet. What was it like working on the set while filming the sex scenes?

  • At the beginning of 2023, a film about mobbing and sexual abuse in the football world will be released in cinemas. The production will feature intimate scenes that can be a huge challenge for many actors
  • The actors on the set of “Pokusa” could count on the support of the coordinator for sex scenes, as well as Maria Sadowska, a director who had shot similar shots in the past
  • “It was definitely one of the more hygienic jobs I’ve had on the set so far. And I’ve played erotic and intimate scenes in various productions.” tells us Piotr Stramowski, who plays one of the main roles
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The main roles in “Temptation” went to Helena Englert, who plays Inez, Piotr Stramowski (Maks), and Andrea Preti (Filip). It was these three who faced the most difficult scenes on the set. The entire team working on the set of “Temptation” made sure that the actors felt as comfortable as possible while filming these scenes and that no boundaries were crossed.

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Intimate scenes in “Temptation”

There was a sexologist and coordinator of intimate scenes on the set. In addition, people from the team emphasize that the director of the film, Maria Sadowska, showed great support.

Of course, we have both a sexologist and a sex coordinator. We also reduce the number of people on the set then, so that the actors feel comfortable. Now it’s a standard, just like in the United States. (…) In the past, there were no such people on the set of Polish films, especially since there were not as many erotic scenes as there are now

Edyta Folwarska, author of the book “Pokusa”, told Ofeminin.

Maria Sadowska, Piotr Głowacki, Helena Englert on the set of “Temptation”

Photo: Agata Utlińska / Press materials

The executive producer of the film, Paulina Nowak, ensures that viewers will see strong scenes on the screen. As he emphasizes, all of them were recorded with all safety rules.

“We have intimate, erotic scenes. The actors did a great job. The sex scenes in this film are very characteristic, some of them even resemble scenes from French productions. It will be nice, strong, sharp. However, the aesthetics in which we move is very defined and this sex is very sensual, we are not afraid of nudity. There is also a sensational thread here. In addition to the fact that it is a film about emotions, feelings, love and sex, there is also a thread me too betrayed.

Although “Pokusa” highlights the problem of mobbing and sexual abuse, due to the bold sex scenes many actors could refuse to play in this type of production. Piotr Stramowski admitted that he had not thought about how it would be received. He approached it professionally and professionally.

“I simply treat each project as another project, challenge and work. I approached it in this way. Maybe also because I have already worked with Marysia Sadowska and I know that she is also a sensitive and delicate person when it comes to this matter. I have total confidence in her so I knew she wouldn’t cross certain lines and we even had a dedicated sex coordinator at rehearsals. It was definitely one of the more hygienic jobs I’ve had on set so far. And after all, I played erotic and intimate scenes in various productions. I will honestly say that paradoxically how we approached what was happening, that we were making an erotic-sensational film, it was absolutely not felt on the set. This is how movies should be made. And that’s what I like. Of course, it also depends to a large extent on the crew, on the film partners. Anyway when it comes to occupational hygiene on the set, it was definitely maintained” Piotr Stramowski told us.

Piotr Stramowski, Helena Englert on the set of "Pokusy"

Piotr Stramowski, Helena Englert on the set of “Temptation”

Photo: Agata Utlińska / Press materials

Although all intimate scenes were shot under the supervision of specialists and the actors could count on support, they also had the option of refusing to act in some scenes if they felt that they would not feel comfortable. Joanna Liszowska, who plays Marta, took advantage of this opportunity.

Joanna Liszowska had a double for sex scenes. Here I am not surprised at all by Joanna, because these scenes are so brutal, very strong

said Edyta Folwarska.

Both the actors, the author of the book and the producer emphasized that to a large extent the close-up scenes were recorded without any problems thanks to the director, Maria Sadowska, who already has experience in shooting similar shots.

“Actually, I shot a lot of these erotic scenes. I think I was the first woman who did such strong erotic scenes in her films. Starting from “Women’s Day”, through “The Art of Loving”, where these scenes were very important. “Girls from Dubai” was a huge challenge in this respect. Also here, in principle, there was no greater difficulty but I think that for the actors, and especially for Helena, it was her openness and courage that helped us all a lot” the director told us.

Piotr Głowacki, Helena Englert on the set of

Piotr Głowacki, Helena Englert on the set of “Temptation”

Photo: Agata Utlińska / Press materials

There has never been such a production

The plot of the upcoming production based on real events tells the story of Inez, who wants to make a journalistic career, which is why she moves from a small to a big city. One of the first tasks she gets to prove herself as a journalist is to prepare material about Maks, a famous footballer. The information she discovers will change her perception of the world of show business. The film will be slightly different from the original novel.

In “Pokus” you will also be able to see Joanna Liszowska, Piotr Głowacki or Ewa Ekwa. The premiere of the film adaptation of Edyta Folwarska’s book is scheduled for early 2023. The producer is Daniel Markowicz, and the distributor Monolith Films.

Andrea Preti, Maria Sadowska, Helena Englert on the set of "Pokusy"

Andrea Preti, Maria Sadowska, Helena Englert on the set of “Temptation”

Photo: Agata Utlińska / Press materials

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