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Cybercrime is on the rise, as more and more services have been digitized, the chances of suffering a cyberattack are growing. Among the many types of scams and objectives that cybercriminals have, the theft of bank credentials is one of the most repeated, so much so that a study has discovered that they have doubled compared to last year.

More than 60% of the population has made an online purchase in 2022 based on Hootsuite data. The Internet sales business has established itself as one of the main ones, and for this reason criminals want to benefit from these practices by being banking Trojans one of the most widely used techniques.

When a computer or website is infected with one and the user browses a website where they need to have their banking credentials saved, the Trojan stores all this data ranging from credit or debit card numbers, expiration date and CVV, down to the victim’s login credentials.

All of this data allows cybercriminals emptying the victim’s account, using the information to make purchases or even selling this information on the Dark Web. The thing is, just as cybercrime is growing, users are becoming more aware of the dangers that the Internet poses.

For this reason, in 2021 the number of cases related to banking Trojans fell considerably, but as the specialized cybersecurity company Kaspersky has discovered, in 2022 the number of attacks has doubled.

Specific in Spain more than 20 million have been reported of cyberattacks with banking Trojans, when in 2021 they did not exceed 10 million. Experts and authorities are trying to make users aware of this growing problem, especially on these upcoming dates, such as Black Friday or Christmas.

Kaspersky// Total number of banking Trojans 2020-2022

There are many things that as a user you can do to prevent your bank details from being stolen, in the first place, check and check that the website from which you are going to buy is the official one and has the relevant security measures. It is also important that if you do not know the website find out a little about it and look for comments from other users to learn about your experience.

At the same time, The more protected your equipment is, the better. so having an antivirus never hurts, just like you should never trust links or messages that look suspicious and they arrive without you having asked for them.


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