The psychology of numbers has a centuries-old tradition — the idea to search for the universal truths of the Universe in them is attributed to, among others, Pythagoras. If you are curious how numerology describes relationships related to human character, you’ve come to the right place! The psychology of numbers allows you to determine your personality type, as well as identify your strengths and weaknesses. It doesn’t take much to find the number assigned to you. We reveal how to do it.

It is very easy. All you have to do is sum up all the numbers of your date of birth. For example, if you were born on June 11, 1990, we would write it like this:

Example: 1+1+0+6+1+9+9+0=27, so 2+7=9 – it’s numerological nine!

The psychology of numbers. What number are you?

Below you will find descriptions of all personality types according to the psychology of numbers. Some of them can be envied!

Numerological one

Numerological ones are unique, passionate women who do not hesitate to reach for what they want. A life full of adrenaline is something that drives it, not scares it. Constantly on the move, looking for new challenges. It’s no wonder they’re great leaders. In terms of career, the best choices for numerological ones are those related to holding managerial positions. PR agencies, media and even health care – here they will find fulfillment.

Numerological two

Numerological twos are people of extraordinary sensitivity, characterized by inner warmth. They are also willing to sacrifice themselves for others, unfortunately, sometimes they fall prey to their own empathy. Repeatedly hurt, over time they begin to build a wall around themselves, inhibiting natural sociability and the need for contact with people. Despite this, professionally they find themselves in roles related to care and assistance: pre-school teacher, nurse, occupational therapist.

Numerological three

If you’ve ever met a number three, it was certainly a memorable encounter. They love to shine in the spotlight, they crave the attention of others. This is even reflected in their clothes: they value luxury and elegance, expensive accessories, perfumes of the best brands, new models of electronics… The three like to make a chic appearance! They are also huge flirts who feel like fish in the water in the world of romance. They know how to highlight their strengths. Unfortunately, they suffer from the impermanence of relationships, which they quickly get bored with. It’s hard for them to feel real.

Numerological four

Fours are real titans of work. If something has to be done, they will see it through – they are very demanding, not only of themselves, but also of those around them. Their weakness, however, is initiative and creativity: they find themselves much better in areas that require meticulous following of patterns and schemes. They will take care of even the smallest details. Accounting, the education sector or banking are industries in which they will feel like fish in the water.

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The psychology of numbers. Find your type

Numerological five

Women in the number five type are the essence of extroversion. They always reach out to others first, answer before we ask a question, and make tons of new friends every day. At the same time, they are extremely cordial and make sure that everyone feels comfortable in their company. They are great friends and interesting characters who always have a lot to say. They often successfully develop in the event industry or tourism.

Numerological six

The greatest dream of numerological sixes is a loving family. They are not always lucky enough to experience it in their own childhood, which is why they strive to create one in adulthood. Combining a professional career with motherhood usually comes out with surprising efficiency. If they fall in love, it’s for life.

Numerological seven

The second name of the numerological seven is independence. But if you also indicate the third one, it would probably be… workaholism. It’s not uncommon for them to be so busy with their careers that there’s no room left for anything else – but up to a point, they don’t mind at all! They willingly take up academic challenges (many of them can boast of a doctorate or even a professor’s degree), but often reject the “system” completely, fulfilling themselves, for example, as travelers or writers.

Numerological eight

Eights seem to exude self-confidence, which sometimes intimidates bystanders who in advance attribute to them such qualities as self-confidence or a sense of superiority – wrongly! Numerological eights are perfect confidants who will approach even the most unusual problems with understanding, and will always accurately comment on our dilemmas. The analytical mind is mixed with great charisma – no wonder that they are so well suited as academic lecturers, doctors or psychotherapists.

Numerological nine

The “soft heart” of nines attracts many souls seeking support. Regardless of what they’re going through, they feel it’s their duty to support others. They often experience many difficulties in life, from which they draw the right conclusions for the future.

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