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The internal polls of the ‘popular’ reflect that 70% of the socialist electorate rejects the transfer to ERC

The president of the PP, Alberto Nez Feijo, in an act of homage to Manuel Fraga in Congress.TAREK
  • politics The PP points out one by one the deputies of the PSOE to stop the repeal of sedition: “No six accomplices”
  • Justice The majority association of prosecutors maintains that repealing sedition “represents a lack of protection of the constitutional order”

The taking into consideration of the sedition reform unofficially opens the electoral campaign of the autonomous communities in May. If on Tuesday Alberto Nez Feijo proclaimed that the motion of no confidence in Pedro Sánchez will be made by the polls, today the vote in the Congress on the modification of the penal code mark the first act of the PP offensive against the representatives of the moderate wing of the PSOE sa to which Feijo continually appeals, and which represents a fishing ground of more than half a million votes that are crucial to decant victory not only in the main autonomous regions that the socialists govern, but, ultimately, in the general ones.

That is why the PP is going to turn in the coming weeks in a campaign against the deputies of the PSOE, to make them ugly so that they vote in favor of repealing the crime of sedition as payment to ERC. The popular They will target, fundamentally, the national parliamentarians of four barons considered to be social democrats: Aragon, Estremadura, Castilla la Mancha Y Valencian Community.

why? Because Genoa has detected that it has a chance of winning in all of them in May 2023, according to sources in the PP leadership. According to its internal polls, carried out at the end of last week, the rejection of the socialist electorate to the repeal of sedition is over 70%. And almost 80% of PSOE voters are against changing the classification of the crime of embezzlement, according to the sources consulted. Although this, they explain, does not imply a change in the vote of the deputies, it can weigh on the choice of supporters. Not much, given the dizzying current, but I know something.

‘First act of the campaign’

The internal polls that Feijo manages give the PP options to fight in those four large territories of the PSOE. That is why the accusation of the deputies on account of sedition is the first act of the campaign for the regional elections in May, according to the sources consulted yesterday by this newspaper.

In Extremadura, a survey commissioned by the PP to Gad3 leaves Mara Guardiola on the verge of wresting the presidency of Extremadura from Guillermo Fernndez Vara’s PSOE, since it will achieve between 27 and 28 deputies, compared to 29-30 for the socialists, while Vox will have 4-5 and Podemos-IU-Equo, 3-4 . That leaves the popular right on the border of adding together with Vox the 33 seats of the absolute majority.

A survey commissioned to N.C. Report in Castilla-La Mancha, he predicts 16 seats for the PSOE of Emiliano García-Page, 14 for the PP of Paco Nez and three to Vox, who will have the key in favor of the popular. And in the Valencian Community and Aragon, the PP would win the elections, but Ximo Puig and Javier Lambn could maintain the regional governments, according to the last two surveys of sigma two for this newspaper.

#Don’t Be Complicit

With that pre-election sea in the background, the PP began yesterday to point out, one by one, the national deputies of the PSOE, to demand that they stop the repeal of sedition. Don’t be an accomplice. it is he hashtag with which the PP is addressing all of them in Twitter. With name, surname and photo, the PP targets the PSOE parliamentarians so that they do not approve the changes to the Criminal Code, whose taking into consideration is voted on this Thursday in the Congress of Deputies, and which the Executive wants to definitively approve -by urgent means- before the end of the year.

So the PP will spend another month charging against the members of the temperate zone of the PSOE. And personalizing the criticism, to address specifically the voters of each constituency.

In fact, as the general secretary of the PP, Cuca Gamarra, announced, the PP has requested that today’s vote be done by appeal. That is, each deputy must vote out loud. And the PP will use the video of each one of them to erode their credibility in their autonomous community.

Will they be accomplices? Are they going to join Sánchez and are they going to lack the confidence that their voters gave them? stressed Feijo’s number two at a press conference in the lower house. In his opinion, voting is an individual responsibility that in specific cases must take precedence over group discipline. Above all, the deputies of those territories in which the socialist barons have shown discrepancies with the reform, but will not dare to vote consistently, they explained in Genoa.

‘Trending topic’

Tomorrow they will have the opportunity to be consistent with what they told their voters they were going to do; It is the day of truth, emphasized Gamarra. There are PSOE barons who are against sedition, but the key is not what is said, it is what is done, added the PP parliamentary spokeswoman. The facts will confirm, in her opinion, whether or not the Socialists will be able to keep their words about the transfers to ERC.

the campaign #Don’t Be Complicitwhich came to be trending topic At times, he appeals to the sense of State of the PSOE deputies from all over Spain and urges them to stop with their vote the repeal of the crime of sedition, thus guaranteeing the protection of our Rule of Law put into question by Pedro Sánchez, as explained by the PP in a press release.

For the main opposition party, the President of the Government has certified, once again, that his political preference is to abound in radicalism and extremism and agree with those parties that want to break the unity of our country. And the rank of baron is achieved by having organic power and exercising it at momentous historical moments to help a party not deviate from its founding principles. And that moment has arrived.


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