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These are the best remedies that you can use to get rid of annoying condensation on the windows of your vehicle.

Before starting our vehicle, it is convenient that we review each of its elements to be safe in circulation, and a very common problem that we have in winter is the issue of crystals tarnished.

Luckily, there are a number of tricks that we can rely on to prevent the vehicle’s windows from fogging up.

The surfaces of glass Like mirrors and windows, they can fog up when condensation occurs. Warm, moist air can linger in the air and evaporate on the cold glass as the gas liquefies, leaving a watery residue on the surface.

And maybe you didn’t know but shaving foam is perfect as an effective solution to prevent fogged mirrors so you should also have it in the trunk of your vehicle.

While shaving cream won’t remove steam that’s already on windows, it’s great for pre-use, since it forms a protective layer on the glass to prevent fogging of the windows.

So passing the shaving cream on surfaces prone to condensation such as car windows is the best thing you can do at this time so that when you put the heating inside, there is no such condensation.

That way, when humid air tries to evaporate on your car windows, the shaving foam prevents water from pooling, which prevents annoying fog from forming.

So apply a layer of shaving foam to the inside of your windshield, car windows, or even the surface of your outside rearview mirrors at night, to prevent it from forming. condensation.

It is convenient that you pour a little shaving foam on a dry cloth and then use it in circular movements on all the surfaces that interest you.

Then don’t forget to wipe the surfaces with a clean cloth and rub until the glass is completely transparent.

Other alternatives

If you don’t want to use shaving foam, you could still opt for the dehumidifying pads.

To do this, you can place dehumidifier pads on your dashboard to help absorb some of the excess moisture that’s in the air.

In addition to the pads, it is also recommended that you remove any items that are wet from inside the vehicle.

At this time we tend to introduce wet shoes, coats or umbrellas inside the vehicle, some wet items that contribute to more condensation problems.

Finally, to prevent it from being difficult to get rid of this possible condensation later, it is convenient that you keep the windows of the vehicle completely clean.

And it is that by removing dirt particles from the surface it makes the Water sticks less, making condensation less intense and easier to clean.


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